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an artificial cloud created by an aircraft

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According to Juniper, with Contrail Networking, based on OpenContrail, AT&T can quickly incorporate new capabilities into its network while decreasing development time and cost.
With Contrail, Cyberport said it will be able to create new services and monetisation opportunities through increased automation and higher utilization of existing infrastructure without adding headcount to the team.
Our JunosV Contrail family of products are designed around a proactive overlay architecture.
To confirm whether Sunday's missile launch was merely an accident or whether it and last week's firing near Deir al-Ashayer are examples of a new strategy at play, one must look in the days and weeks ahead to the skies above Lebanon for more coiling vertical contrails.
We recognised the inherent advantages of Contrail Systems' architectural approach and we are excited to take this next step to acquire and combine Contrail Systems into our team," Muglia wrote in a blog announcing the acquisition.
In reality, the contrail began on the horizon and ran
It was clear from the video that there was some type of object traversing the skies that created a contrail," he said.
The persistent formation of contrails is associated with increased cirrus cloud cover, another factor warming the Earth's surface.
Because he allows himself a moment of contemplation at the start of each day, he has an unusual appreciation for small things of beauty, like an airplane's contrail lit by moonlight or the "brief vortex, like a rainbow after a storm" of a bathtub drain he plunges.
In 20 cases, researchers spotted an aircraft that didn't produce a contrail.
Designed by Jim Hammond, the Contrail is similar in design to Columbia River's Navajo.
a contrail hangs in the air, luminous, among the chestnut branches.
Developed by Contrail (a Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Contrail Logistica is seeking to broaden its intermodal network, comprising its own inland terminal, for the Santos Sao Paulo Campinas and Sao Jose dos Campos corridor.
For example, for a small aircraft that is predicted to form a contrail 20 miles (32km) long, if an alternative route adds less than 200 miles (322 km) onto the route - 10 times the length of contrail that would have been produced - then the alternative route would have a smaller climate impact.