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an artificial cloud created by an aircraft

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Contrail was founded early this year by officials from Google, Cisco, Juniper and Aruba.
In reality, the contrail began on the horizon and ran
Norad issued a statement jointly with the US Northern Command, or Northcom, saying that the contrail was not the result of a foreign military launching a missile.
About 97 percent of the contrails that lasted more than 10 minutes formed in air with a relative humidity greater than 25 percent.
Junipers Contrail Provider Cloud: Makes deploying the telco cloud far easier by simplifying the underlying Linux distribution with Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, seamlessly gleaning network insight with AppFormix, clearing the traditionally difficult task of validating VNFs by pre-qualifying, and adding end-to-end support services to smooth implementation.
ACCRI analyses and results are based on comprehensive interactive climate models in conjunction with satellite observational and model estimates of contrail and AIC properties rather than the simpler models primarily used in previous studies.
GCIs CloudFlex, enabled by Junipers Contrail SD-WAN, comprised of Contrail Service Orchestration, the NFX250 Network Services Platform, the SRX Series Services Gateway and the vSRX Virtual Firewall, allows the telecommunications leader to offer enterprises new services, such as managed SD-WAN, managed security and other virtual network functions in the future without needing to install physical appliances on-site and dispatching humans to provision the service.
Contrail PeerBot automates the traditionally cumbersome process of network peering -- managing multiple Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing and complex policy enforcement -- to simplify policy enforcement and on-demand scaling.
Many of us often wonder why some airplanes leave contrails that can last seemingly forever, while others leave a contrail that doesn't last but a few seconds.
A trio of research aircraft took turns flying behind the DC-8 at distances ranging from 300 feet to more than 20 miles to take measurements on emissions and study contrail formation as the different fuels were burned.
The midlatitude CIRRUS experiment (ML-CIRRUS) deployed the High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO) to obtain new insights into nucleation, life cycle, and climate impact of natural cirrus and aircraft-induced contrail cirrus.
On July 18, 2016, Contrail Aviation Support, LLC ("Contrail Aviation"), a subsidiary of the Company, completed the purchase all of the assets of Contrail Aviation, Inc.
dedicated cloud services powered by Contrail Networking, STC now has a fully
Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has deployed Juniper Networks Contrail Networking to create automated cloud services for its customers.
Itoya Contrail CollectionAre you always on the move between classes?