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U]nder the bill embodied in the conference report the board [that is, the FOMC] will stand 5 to 7 giving the people of the country, as contradistinguished from private banking interest, control by a vote of 7 to 5 instead of by a vote of 3 to 2 [as proposed in the Senate].
The conclusion drawn from this examination of the historical record is emphatically stated at the end of Federalist 20 (a paper sometimes attributed jointly to Hamilton and James Madison)--namely, "that a sovereignty over sovereigns, a government over governments, a legislation for communities, as contradistinguished from individuals, as it is a solecism in theory, so in practice it is subversive of the order and ends of civil polity, by substituting violence in place of the mild and salutary coercion of the magistracy.
and] the adventitious and ever-changing attire which they borrow from fashion," (39) Godwin asserts that it is only when we are impressed with the "notion of individual and contradistinguished existence, which we derive from the private life of other times," that we can fully recognize the underlying common humanity of historical personages (1: 237-38):
In his conclusion, Williams diagnosed the ethos of service deriving from a feudal, hierarchical worldview contradistinguished from the ethos of solidarity with roots in the great achievements of working class culture.
Without stopping at present to consider, what is the precise meaning of each of these terms [bankruptcy and insolvency], as contradistinguished from the other; it may be stated, that the general object of all bankrupt and insolvent laws is, on the one hand, to secure to creditors an appropriation of the property of their debtors pro tanto to the discharge of their debts, whenever the latter are unable to discharge the whole amount; and, on the other hand, to relieve unfortunate and honest debtors from perpetual bondage to their creditors, either in the shape of unlimited imprisonment to coerce payment of their debts, or of an absolute right to appropriate and monopolize all their future earnings.
The Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause clearly applies to civil cases, but isn't its "life, liberty, or property" language obviously contradistinguished from the more narrow "life or limb" language of the Fifth Amendment Double Jeopardy Clause?
2000) ("The great and radical vice in the construction of the existing Confederation is in the principle of legislation for states or governments, in their corporate or collective capacities, and as contradistinguished from the individuals of whom they consist.
From the foregoing statement of these two bills it seems to be perfectly plain that the entire scope and object of both is the assertion and protection of political, as contradistinguished from civil, personal or property rights.
Chief Justice John Marshall once wrote that "[j]udicial power, as contradistinguished from the power of the laws, has no existence.
Yet it was by twinning these very faculties that Hazlitt had set about resolving the problem in the Essay, in which he advises the reader that "I do not use the word imagination as contradistinguished from or opposed to reason, or the faculty by which we reflect upon and compare our ideas, but as opposed to sensation, or memory.
He contradistinguished them both, as grounded in "the peasant sensibility," from V.
But Lord Coke, that great luminary of the law, in his comment upon a similar clause, in Magna Charta, interprets the law of the land to mean presentment and indictment, and process of outlawry, as contradistinguished from trial by jury.