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a distinction drawn on the basis of contrast

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Little Bethel might have been nearer, and might have been in a straighter road, though in that case the reverend gentleman who presided over its congregation would have lost his favourite allusion to the crooked ways by which it was approached, and which enabled him to liken it to Paradise itself, in contradistinction to the parish church and the broad thoroughfare leading thereunto.
In other words, I did not stop to think, which I believe must be the way of men who do things--in contradistinction to those who think much and do nothing.
It runs (in contradistinction to hopping), but not quite so quickly as some of its congeners.
contradistinction to the doctrine that God is everything.
For the Colombian-born Friedemann, whose father is an American citizen, the lace window curtains that were a fixture in bourgeois neighborhoods in her native Bogota came to embody for her the contradictions and contradistinctions that make up the world of an expatriate: the outsider stance toward both native and adopted cultures; the sense of a veil separating private and public personas.