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a distinction drawn on the basis of contrast

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In a marked and unrepentant contradistinction to the prevalent dark paintings of much contemporary art, reveling in psychological anguish and alienation, derision and disaffection, is the so-called 'feel good' painting.
Her goal, rather, is to analyze textual qualities that contributed to the creation of ethnic selfhood and otherness as the US formulated its national selfhood at large through an urgent yet always threatened push for its whiteness, particularly in contradistinction to Europe and Asia.
In all of these scenarios, he establishes the argument that middle class consumerism in contemporary South Africa has become a unique expression of citizenship fostered by the freedom that democracy brings in contradistinction to the oppression, poverty, and exclusion that the erstwhile Apartheid system dispensed with reckless abandon.
asks Redekop, parsing Mennonite writing as a "playful dialogue" (206), and it is in articulating the breadth of what is at play in, around, and in contradistinction to Mennonite writing and Mennonites writing that this collection shines.
In brutal contradistinction, Zurn nearly delivers through her mouth, the site of her voice: "I feel as if I were about to suffocate, as if he were blocking off my windpipe--I'm carrying a child in my throat
Because the timber resembles European Ash the tree was called Mountain Ash, and, later, White Mountain Ash, in contradistinction to Red Mountain Ash or Victorian Woolly Butt, E.
Doing so allows him to offer a novel analysis of how East Africa's "pilgrims" and "patriots" worked to create constituencies, craft histories, and imagine futures in contradistinction to the status quo--and each other.
Chapter four locates agency and action of revolutionary change in Yang Kui's left-wing fiction, in contradistinction to the works of Yang Shouyu, Wang Shilang, and Zhu Dianren, which only passively reflect activism (72).
She argues that Puerto Rican intellectuals described the characteristics of the islanders as different from those of the diaspora and in this way sought to define authentic Puerto Rican identity in contradistinction to that of lower-class migrants.
This is in contradistinction to the husband, who can still find ways to remarry should his wife refuse to accept a get.
In this regard, rhetorical and systemic perspectives have gained momentum within deliberative theory in the last years, showing a similar ambition to link normative political theory, on the one hand, and empirical research and actual political practice on the other; as well as to develop a more realistic macro approach to deliberative democracy, in contradistinction to previous approaches focusing on minipublics and specific participatory arenas.
But the book places anti-oppression and social identity issues in contradistinction with class, and gives primacy to the former.
In contradistinction, fast food diets are laden with poor quality trans-fats and Omega 6 oils, refined sugar and starches, artificial chemicals, and heat-damaged proteins - a pro-inflammatory load.
Schnekloth challenges the common contradistinction between "the real" and "the virtual," since media forms are constantly evolving and layering (e.
Yet, in contradistinction to what he boasts about the Palestinian problem, he does not take any serious risks to pressure right-wing Israeli politicians.