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the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist

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21) Characterized by its contradictoriness, it is marked by the long duration of its hegemony.
The work of art thus features a contradictoriness inherent in earthly life: transient, it nevertheless solicits attachment; vulnerable, it nevertheless gives a glimpse of the permanent.
One way is that, rather than repeatedly making excuses for unpalatable evidence, Lindsay could have accepted Barth's contradictoriness and portrayed him as the complicated combination of brilliant and bullheaded, courageous and egocentric, at once fiercely anti-Nazi and also intermittently anti-Jewish man that he quite apparently was.
Staging the interruptions and failures of utopian projects, the contradictoriness of systems, and disorientation in attempts to put these processes into words, Sander's works become paradoxically exhilarating.
par excellence of the contradictoriness of this aporia was ready to give it up after years of struggling with it.
This initial exploration of the point of view of young teenagers from rural communities with a high rate of migration to the United States permitted the compilation of information on two aspects that the participants call advantages (compensators) and disadvantages (stressors); this information coincides with what Saavedra (1988) has reported in the rural communities of Zacatecas about the contradictoriness of migration.
file irresolvable contradictoriness of this collaboration offers an alternative both to romantic expressivism and Mallarmean mystery: an "articulation of the complexities of meaning and expression" that invites contemplation of "the problems of perception and knowledge .
In pushing the modernist dilemma to its absolute limit, Beckett has forced it into a new shape, taken solitude past the contradictoriness of Woolf and Mann towards a new kind of accommodation.
He skillfully reveals how a person thinks when he relates the mind of a character--especially the ambiguity and the contradictoriness of thought.
Accordingly, while they are tempted to conclude from this that the minimalist should acknowledge the contradictoriness of truth, instead, they end with a challenge: Provide grounds, compatible with minimalism, for banning the paradoxical instances of (E), or embrace dialetheism.
Chilling and intoxicating, Gluck's assertiveness wouldn't work if she were not a master of the paradox, of polarizing the deep contradictoriness in experience.
15) Criticizing both Emerson and the potentialities of "liberal dissent" that Sacvan Bercovitch analyzes in Rites of Assent, Rowe identifies "an internal contradictoriness between the anticommunal, ahistorical aspects of his philosophy and the demand he placed upon that philosophy to effect social reform" (40).
Characterized by meticulous and undogmatic scholarship, Hugh White's book will be an indispensable guide to the contradictoriness of Nature in medieval literature.
On the one hand, one could take Korowai speakers' manner of giving up homicide and adapting their own lives to the terms of police violence as evidence of the cultural underdetermination or contradictoriness of their endogenous violent practices.
Since people, apart from logicians, are not given to going around uttering propositions that are, in the context of utterance, contradictions, it follows that in normal conversational usage the urge to find sense in what is uttered will lead one to resist the contradictory interpretation of (9), just as the refuge of idiomaticity allows one to sideline the decontextualized contradictoriness of