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the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist

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Reality, as it is projected in Kazoo Dreamboats, shows itself as a field of perpetual change, tension and contradictoriness that sparks movement.
In other enacted scenes, Cohen's contradictoriness is emphasized even further through his own co-present voiceover commentary.
Bakhtin describes Dostoevsky as "oscillat[ing] between a revolutionary materialistic socialism and a conservative religious worldview--oscillations that never led to any decisive resolution," and such irresolvable contradictoriness is the key to Dostoevsky's creation of polyphony (Problems, p.
Kant, of course, had not embraced the contradictions generated by the operations of reason, and did not draw Hegel's seemingly irrationalist metaphysical conclusion that of the contradictoriness of all things.
Common terms employed in an unusual way together with the truly rare references are particularly interesting from the viewpoint of the Theory of Appraisal, even despite their contradictoriness with the previously cited principle: "variations from such sequences are counterexpectant" (Martin, op.
The embrace of post-structuralism in Wordsworth, Commodification and Social Concern is Simpson's way of registering and coping with the baffling contradictoriness of capitalism.
Lawrence's The Fox is remarkable for the range and intensity of the critical conflicts it has generated over the three generations since its publication (1922), and for the sheer contradictoriness of the literary, psychological and ethical claims made by critics on its behalf.
Kirkpatrick further notes that the mixing of categories in Dulce Dueno "corresponds to what Marianne DeKoven has argued is the defining characteristic of modernism, 'its sous-rature: its unresolved contradictoriness or unsynthesized dialecticality'" (1999 136).
In these states it is as if the opposites of the world, whose contradictoriness and conflict make all our difficulties and troubles, were melted into unity (335)
A lesser or modified version of contradictoriness is approximate contradictoriness, which pertains when religious claims are not formally contradictory.
17) A more politically heightened offshoot of this genre uses the supposed contradictoriness of Rice's image as a warning sign of her complicity with power.
However, the case of the reportage in The Daily Star (1 October 2008) exhibits a glaring contradictoriness of message.
It is difficult to see how this could be shown: it seems highly plausible that after a few dozen millennia of pursuing a frustratingly elusive ideal, the immortals will recognize the untenable contradictoriness of their condition and succumb to the temptation to throw it all up as a bad job.
There, Hegel argues that the apparent contradictoriness of philosophical opinions is in an important sense illusory.