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The band providing the music in the Blue Goose Hall in Maine, for example, plays "You're a Grand Old Flag" with the Dixieland sound of saxophone, trumpet, tenor banjo, piano, and snare drum while the crowd dances in contradance formation.
Unlike secular dancing, the Ring Shout involved no personal competition as that often found in plantation "breakdowns;" dance in the Shout was neither for entertainment of the master, as it was in the contradances, nor for rewards, as in the plantation "cakewalks" or "jig" contests.
Participants will be taught a range of dances including the minuet, contradances, baroque as well as 18th Century waltzes evoking the glamour and charm of life in Italy during the Renaissance period and beyond.
pianist who plays Scottish and Bulgarian music and stages contradances, is known for his wide-ranging and highly lyrical performances.
These works were almost always "country" dances or contradances, such as quadrilles, sometimes including instructions or diagrams for the dance.
Meanwhile, Sapoznik played rock'n'roll, made his way through the folk song revival (Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Bob Dylan), and "soon found myself getting into more traditional kinds of music: Irish, New England Contradances, but mainly Appalachian string band music.