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Synonyms for bid

Synonyms for bid

to request that someone take part in or be present at a particular occasion


to make an offer of


something offered

a spoken or written request for someone to take part or be present

Synonyms for bid

an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

an attempt to get something

a formal proposal to buy at a specified price

(bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make

ask for or request earnestly

make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands

make a serious effort to attain something

Related Words

ask someone in a friendly way to do something

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During the source selection process, the DoD evaluates a contractor's proposal, which consists of cost, technical, and past performance volumes.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires that each contractor's proposal be analyzed to assure that the price paid by the government for goods or services is fair and reasonable.
The contractor's proposal contains an adequate description of its basis for direct labor hours, including sufficient rationale for engineering judgment and projections from prior work completed on similar programs.
This situation often leads to the accomplishment of work that is within the general scope of the contract but that is not contemplated in the contractor's proposal.
1) CLIN [Contract Line Item Number] structure inconsistent with contractors' shipping [and] billing methods; (2) Unit pricing by lot when contractor[s] could deliver separately priced items as partial shipments; and (3) Requirement description by reference to the contractor's proposal when receiving, accepting and paying activities may not have that information.
A contractor's proposal is subject to disclosure only if it is included in the contract or incorporated by reference into the contract.
Some contractors will not show exclusions or clarifications in their bids and this can lead to owners assuming items were in the contractor's proposal that were really not included.
The contractor's proposal would have forced the majority of union janitors into second-class status, which was unacceptable to the janitors' union.
The contractor's proposal, on the other hand, is usually well above the mark in terms of proposed cost.
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