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Synonyms for contraction

Synonyms for contraction

(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

a word formed from two or more words by omitting or combining some sounds

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the act of decreasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

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This process is effected by two methods: the air is swallowed, and is then forced into the cavity of the body, its return being prevented by a muscular contraction which is externally visible: but the water enters in a gentle stream through the mouth, which is kept wide open and motionless; this latter action must, therefore, depend on suction.
So he stood, after regaining balance, and soberly regarded, in a vain effort to understand, the mate with a bottle- bottom inverted skyward, the mouth to his lips, the while his throat made gulping contractions and noises.
For example, Knight Dunlap contends that images are really muscular contractions,* and evidently regards our awareness of muscular contractions as not coming under the head of introspection.
The decline was broad-based, with the steepest contraction for office and other commercial buildings.
Similarly, I asked the same question, except starting with a contraction in the given series and correlating its amplitude with the amplitude of the succeeding expansion.
OB-Tools LTD is dedicated to improving the well-being of pregnant women and fetal health through the continuous development of high quality and reliable uterine contraction and fetal heart rate monitoring devices that can be used throughout pregnancy and labor.
Research conducted under NCHRP Project 24-34 clearly indicates that of the three primary scour components (pier, contraction, and abutment), the contraction scour equations exhibit, by far, the least amount of reliability in terms of 1) the conditional probability that the contraction scour estimate will be exceeded during the design event, and 2) the unconditional probability that the contraction scour estimate will be exceeded during the life of the bridge.
Economic Revitalization Minister Akira Amari blamed the contraction
1996) shows that most of the mechanical energy produced by phasic muscle contraction is used to produce the jet that moves the scallop.
Meanwhile, Egypt's non-oil private sector shrunk in March for the third month in a row, though at a slower pace than last month's contraction, with output declining and new orders showing a slight pick-up, a corporate survey showed on Sunday.
The Syrian units of Lebanese banks have reported a contraction in net profits.
ERC says its projections indicate a milder recession for 2014 compared to the contraction of real GDP by 4.
Our previous study also suggested that magnolol's ability to inhibit colonic contraction induced by high [K.
The purpose of the case study presented here was to increase a participant's knowledge and use of the 14 final-letter braille contractions, including the ability to identify the dot placement of the contractions, verbalize the letters that each contraction represented, identify the sound each contraction made, use contractions consistently in writing, and fluently decode words containing these contractions.
However, if a closely watched survey of the important services sector released hours before members make their decision shows a contraction it could prompt the Bank to fire up its money printing presses again.
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