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becoming infected


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Only the tail lashed back and forth, and only the eyes gleamed like jewels in the full light of the window they faced, the vertical pupils contracting to scarcely perceptible black slits.
Worldly wisdom may force them into widely different ways of life; worldly wisdom may delude them, or may make them delude themselves, into contracting an earthly and a fallible union.
Mrs Wititterly is delighted,' said Mr Wititterly, rubbing his hands; 'delighted, my lord, I am sure, with this opportunity of contracting an acquaintance which, I trust, my lord, we shall improve.
It was stipulated between the contracting parties that the manufactory of Coldspring should engage to transport to Tampa Town, in southern Florida, the necessary materials for casting the Columbiad.
You saw with regret the sad habits he was contracting, I know: and I know you did your utmost to deliver him from them, but without success, until I came to your assistance.
Now, when the income was shrunk to $20, the letters of "Dillingham" looked blurred, as though they were thinking seriously of contracting to a modest and unassuming D.
And I observed, also, that his whole body had unconsciously drawn itself together, tense and alert; that muscles were softly crawling and shaping about the hips, along the back, and across the shoulders; that the arms were slightly lifted, their muscles contracting, the fingers crooking till the hands were like talons; and that even the eyes had changed expression and into them were coming watchfulness and measurement and a light none other than of battle.
Dudley Pickering had escaped boyhood at the time when his contemporaries were contracting it.
These contracts are part of the SeaPort-enhanced Multiple Award Contracts ("MAC") that are envisioned to become a key contracting component for NAVSEA in the future.
In these cases the program manager will conduct a business case that includes rationale for why a cost or fixed price incentive contract was not an appropriate contracting vehicle.
Waiver requests must include a business case analysis that provides rationale for why a cost or incentive contract was not an appropriate contracting vehicle.
Founded in 1959, NCMA was formed to foster the growth and educational advancement of its members and contracting professionals.
First was the crucial nature of planning--not simply planning as an overview of what milestones and events need to happen, but planning to discuss and address every aspect of how, when, and where alpha contracting negotiations take place.
To assist with contract oversight on such contracts, you should appoint contracting officer representatives (COR).
Without the historic layers of review, the contracting officer is now the sole individual responsible and accountable for ensuring the accuracy of all socioeconomic and other reportable information for each contract action at the time of award.
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