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capable of contracting or being contracted

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Scenario 3: If there is limitation, with or without pain, the challenge is now to ascertain whether the source of pain is the inert structures or the contractile structures.
At the beginning, the force of contractile element (as an output of polynomial approximator in Fig.
A brief review of muscle physiology reminds us of the contractile elements of muscle called sarcomeres.
While the authors discuss myocardial viability, in reality, in this patient group, which has not necessarily been revascularised, they mainly assess segmental contractile reserve (7).
The basal endothelial formation of NO was assessed indirectly by determining the endothelium-dependent depression of PE-induced contractile responses (Martin et al.
2006) Influence of maximal muscle strength and intrinsic muscle contractile properties on contractile rate of force development.
We found that these variable SPOC patterns were generated according to the number of sarcomeres in a myofibril as well as the stiffness ratio of elastic structures inside the contractile system relative to those external to the system.
Contractile force and uniformity increased over time, resulting in a fully synchronous contracting tissue which remained its function for more than three months.
Led by University of Toronto Physiology Professor Anthony Gramolini and his collaborator, Professor Thomas Kislinger in the Department of Medical Biophysics, the team used high-throughput methods to identify more than 500 membrane proteins on the surfaces of cardiac contractile cells, which are likely to have a critical role in normal heart function.
This process is accomplished through the assembly and constriction of a contractile ring, a complex actomyosin network that remains poorly understood on the molecular level.
According to American Society for Clinical Investigation about 25% - 50% of the total dilated cardiomyopathy cases are genetically caused, owing to mutation in genes encoding for cytoskeleton, contractile, or other proteins in myocardial cells.
On the other hand, delivering the TAZ gene product to diseased tissue in the laboratory corrected the contractile defect, creating the first tissue-based model of correction of a genetic heart disease.
It has been shown in animal studies to have the capacity to reduce CVD via anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic effects, as well as through improvements in vascular contractile function.
Through years of perfecting their techniques, a team led by Bursac and graduate student Mark Juhas discovered that preparing better muscle requires two things -- well-developed contractile muscle fibers and a pool of muscle stem cells, known as satellite cells.