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Synonyms for contract

Synonyms for contract

a legally binding arrangement between parties

an agreement, especially one involving a sale or exchange

to enter into a formal agreement

to assume an obligation

to become affected with a disease

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

Synonyms for contract

a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law

(contract bridge) the highest bid becomes the contract setting the number of tricks that the bidder must make

a variety of bridge in which the bidder receives points toward game only for the number of tricks he bid

Related Words

enter into a contractual arrangement

engage by written agreement

be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness


become smaller or draw together

make smaller

compress or concentrate

make or become more narrow or restricted


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Incorporated in 1635 by Richelieu in order to, in the words of Paul Pellisson, "nettoyer la langue des ordures qu'elle avait contractees," the Academie francaise was commissioned to monitor literary production and author a dictionary, plus volumes on grammar, rhetoric and poetics.
A cost-savings practice for contractees is to evaluate their team members and utilize their abilities to complete tasks normally reserved for exhibit designers and builders.
If the contractees are in agreement therewith, no law passed by legislators has any legal and binding effect.
Economists such as Cowen, Barber wrote, "treat exchange within the mythic frame of perfect market freedom, where it is the result of two equally free, equally voluntary, equally powerful contractees who sit down as gentlemen and make a deal.
military-industrial complex contractees in the money, pic accuses.
Ils nous conduisent aux extremes de la creation metisse, de ses formes les plus detendues comme celle du merengue aux plus contractees du tango, de l'exaltation des sentiments dans la saudade a leur exacerbation dans la melancolie.
The voice of reason: Football contracts rarely stipulate that contractees must be ready to risk their lives.
Most of the other contractees were the source of justifiable complaint from counties, who found themselves embroiled in the extra cut-throat tension of promotion and relegation without their best players.
Apres la creation en 1798 du Territoire du Mississippi, les representants de l'Etat accelererent ce processus de transformations economiques en manipulant les dettes que les Indiens avaient contractees pour les contraindre a ceder leurs terres.
La Distributive, consiste a baillet a chacun ce qu'il merite, soit honneur & dignite, ou punition: la Commutative, a garder, & faire garder la foy es choses promises & contractees, & ne faire a autruy, que comme nous vouldrions nous estre faict.
New risk contractees will not enjoy the gentle learning curve of their earlier counterparts.
1) There are certainly contracting-out "horror stories" in which governments appear to have been victimized by opportunistic or incompetent contractees.
Additionally, the county charges outside contractees a connection charge and a 5% annual surcharge on top of all aforementioned charges.
Les dettes qui n'ont pas ete payees par le Groupe Tunisair, a l'OACA, se sont elevees jusqu'au 31 decembre 2017 a 615 MD, dont 44 MD de taxe annuelle sur les billets d'avion sur les vols internationaux, alors que celles contractees par Syphax Airlines aupres de l'office ont atteint 11,5 MD.