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Allan, 46, of Liversedge, was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in September, 2006, and only a year later his mother-in-law Joyce contracted kidney cancer.
We told last week how Mary Hodgetts, 27, was forced to postpone her marriage to Barry Hall after her father, Michael, contracted kidney cancer.
I lost a kidney to cancer in 2004 but I'm still fit enough to present the ITV Lunchtime News while my broadcasting colleague James Whale, who set up the fund, continues to host a daily show on Talk Sport radio six years after he contracted kidney cancer.
GLENDALE - Lori Hartwell contracted kidney disease when she was 2, spent 12 years on dialysis and had three kidney transplants - enough to keep most people at home and focused on their health.
Patients below the age of 20 years, cardiac failure, microscopic or macroscopic haematuria, with conventional B mode ultrasound findings of obstructive uropathy, unilateral or bilateral contracted kidneys, congenital anomalous kidney and renal masses were excluded from the study.