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(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

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Of course, the Coase theorem teaches that all contractable legal regimes, such as property, single-chooser, and dual-chooser rules, will allocate entitlements equally efficiently when transaction costs are nil.
The Review, however, argues for a contractable approach with respect to currently non-vocational fields of academic activity.
1997), the government may need to manage prisons itself to the extent that the quality of prison services is not contractable and that private prison operators have an incentive to under-supply quality in order to minimize costs.
A spasmodic scale of time is a scale which is stretchable or contractable according the demand of events.
A prosthesis for use in preventing restenosis after angioplasty is formed of plastic or sheet metal, and is expandable and contractable for placement.
The greater transparency of the costs and discipline generated in hedging particular exposures in external reinsurance markets renders them more contractable than the costs of operating a cross-country corporate structure and subjecting its managers to a governance system strong enough to control incentive conflict in the consolidated enterprise.
The central result of the paper is that employment contracts often are robust with respect to aggregate shocks only if the effort choices of both the worker and the firm are verifiable and contractable.
In addition, syngo is expandable and contractable, depending on the needs and advancements of a particular hospital.
Winner must be contractable by 6pm Monday August, 23 2010.
However, effort is something that is almost impossible to verify in court, and so is not explicitly contractable.