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Synonyms for contract

Synonyms for contract

a legally binding arrangement between parties

an agreement, especially one involving a sale or exchange

to enter into a formal agreement

to assume an obligation

to become affected with a disease

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

Synonyms for contract

a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law

(contract bridge) the highest bid becomes the contract setting the number of tricks that the bidder must make

a variety of bridge in which the bidder receives points toward game only for the number of tricks he bid

Related Words

enter into a contractual arrangement

engage by written agreement

be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness


become smaller or draw together

make smaller

compress or concentrate

make or become more narrow or restricted


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The focus on awarding more fixed-price contracts resulted in cost-plus contracts going from the most common contract type to less than 5 percent of Air Force procurement dollars by 1966, according to G.
This ruling concluded that: (1) F realized capital gain based on the difference between F's basis in the property and the annuity's PV; (2) this gain was reported ratably over F's life expectancy; (3) the investment in the contract to compute the exclusion ratio was F's basis in the property transferred; (4) the excess of the property's FMV over the annuity's PV was a gift from F to S; and (5) the prorated capital gain reported annually was derived from the taxable portion of each payment.
Arum said that if Pacquiao and Golden Boy do not take steps to void the contract, he could resort to legal action.
This rule, called the "binding contract" rule, offers assurance that the COI requirement will be met, by allowing taxpayers to measure for COI as of the day immediately preceding the day the binding contract is executed, rather than measuring immediately before the transaction closes.
If more than 50 percent of the members accept those provisions, NTSP will then proceed to negotiate the payer contract.
So the first step the regulators took is to ask companies to detail any contract that has certain components that can be associated with finite reinsurance.
Contract management, contract administration, and contract oversight are often used interchangeably by acquisition personnel, but these terms are not synonymous.
Although it may seem obvious, the parties to a BPO contract need to perform thorough due diligence on each other and describe in extensive detail the services to be performed by the service provider, together with the customer's role and responsibilities.
IF A CONTRACT IS SILENT ON RENEWAL POSSIBILITIES, CPAs should consider the company's history on this or similar contracts.
When you see these words in a contract between your organization and another, a "red flag" should be raised mentally, because these are the words of contractual risk transfer.
The PROS II contract simulates all of the government's procurement activities required to provide logistic requirements support.
ii) receives and instantaneously transfers title to the underlying asset, by operation of contract and without taking or making physical delivery of the asset; or
If any progress or final payment is delayed beyond the due dates established by the act, interest is required to be paid on the overdue payment at the rate of 1% per month or at a higher rate consistent with the construction contract.
Similarly, a contract that is accounted for under SOP 94-4 is not subject to Statement 133.
A best value contract evaluates a range of factors in addition to price, she said.
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