contraceptive method

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birth control by the use of devices (diaphragm or intrauterine device or condom) or drugs or surgery

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Available in 47 countries around the world DKT is proud to add Jadelle to its existing portfolio which includes other popular contraceptive methods such as: Josh, Prudence and Heer IUDs.
High on the list are lack of knowledge, misperceptions, and exaggerated concerns about the safety of contraceptive methods (Obstet.
According to studies conducted in this regard and the growing use of tubectomy method by Chaharmahal Bakhtiari women, and considering the fact that this method will probably cause regret in women, the research team conducted their research with the aim of comparing the factors affecting the choice of a contraceptive method among local women so as to provide people with appropriate solutions about choosing the correct methods of contraception and effective training prior to choosing these methods in future.
Of the 654 women interviewed six months after their abortion, 63% reported having used an effective contraceptive method at some time since the procedure; they most commonly had used the injectable (38%) or pill (22%).
For example, there are recommendations on how long to use a backup contraceptive method once it has been started, special considerations for each method, and what to do when there are missed or late doses.
Intrauterine devices and implants appear to be more effective than commonly prescribed contraceptive methods such as the pill, hormone patch and ring at preventing unintended pregnancy, especially among younger sexually active women.
Given the many contraceptive methods available, it is noteworthy that three currently used methods predominated among 15-19 and 20-29 year-olds who had intercourse in the last six months.
Researchers used the nationally representative NSFG data to examine dual contraceptive behavior among two groups of 15-44-year-old women: 1,561 who reported using a highly effective contraceptive method during the month in which they were interviewed, and 1,552 who reported using such a method at their last intercourse in the prior three months.
In sum, on the basis of current knowledge about HIV acquisition risks, hormonal contraceptive users who are HIV-negative need not switch to another contraceptive method.
Although in the opinion of many men it is the responsibility of both spouses to do something to avoid having children, in practice many men prefer not to use any contraceptive method for regulating fertility (Goldani, 1994; Secretaria de Salud, 1990; Szasz, 1998).
A Family Planning Association spokeswoman said: "After 40 years, the pill remains a safe and highly effective contraceptive method.
The market for a male contraceptive method similar to the female pill is estimated at $US 820 million.
He counsels women with a history of infections to consider using a different contraceptive method, such as uncoated condoms along with birth control pills.
Contraceptive method of choice out of the available variety of contraceptive methods ensures continuation of use and reduces the drop-out rate [Jain (1992)].
No other contraceptive method is effective in these areas and so in this area condoms have an added advantage over other contraceptives.