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the bassoon that is the largest instrument in the oboe family

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WE will be hearing what might be the first-ever concerto for Contrabassoon to be performed at the BBC Proms on Sunday, when Margaret Cookhorn reprises her unforgettable premiere of John Woolrich's Falling Down with the CBSO at Symphony Hall in July 2009.
dissatisfied with the contrabassoon as they knew it.
This concerto calls for extremes in orchestral range, from piccolo to contrabassoon, and a variety of tonal colors, enhanced by glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, cymbals, chimes, tam-tam, bass drum, harp and celesta - a percussionist's idea of nirvana.
As the creation of man approaches, the orchestra gives us a new world out of chaos where the orchestra, whether it be the lightness of violins, sweetness of flutes or power of the contrabassoon, brings to life the diversity of nature from eagles and whales to lions and tigers.
Falling Down was commissioned from John Woolrich specifically for Margaret by the Grimmitt Trust and is one of only a handful of concertos written for the contrabassoon.
Also, to maximize the effect of the lion's roar in "Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb," Brown follows the sources that add both bassoons and bass trombone to the first edition's scoring for contrabassoon, first and second trombones, and strings.
Vivaldi wrote several (but so he did for virtually every instrument in existence), Mozart (the greatest, though he probably dashed it off with scarcely a thought), Weber, not many others - though John Woolrich's Falling Down for contrabassoon is a wonderful very recent addition to the repertoire.
32) Works such as "Dutch" Suite in G Major (1977) for bassoon and tuba, and "Safe" Sextet (1989) for piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, harp, and celesta use combinations of instruments that are not traditional, and employ extremes in pitch ranges.
Fast Walk, for 3 Bassoons and Contrabassoon (Quartet or Ensemble).
He also gave the American West Coast premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and crossover pioneer Gunther Schuller's Concerto for Contrabassoon and Orchestra, one of only a handful of concertos written for the contra.
In addition to the standard piccolo, clarinets in A, C, and D, bassoon, trumpets, horns, trombones, tuba, and percussion, the arrangements call for now extinct very high clarinets in F and G, soprano and bass flicorno (flugelhorn), and contrabassoon.
Hough, whose blogging threatens to be almost as stimulating as his pianoplaying, also had some striking observations on one of his favourite paintings of Christ - The Man of Sorrows, by Petrus Christus, which he popped in to see at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery while rehearsing at Symphony Hall (Hough is also a composer, and his other reason for being in Birmingham last week was that his trio for piccolo, contrabassoon and piano was premiered at the International Double Reed Society's annual conference).
The main body of the text starts in dramatic fashion with full color photographs of seven different bassoon and contrabassoon reeds in front, back, and side views along with a close-up of the contrabassoon reed.
Preceding this were jewels for the IDRS and the rest of us, beginning with the world premiere of John Woolrich's Falling Down contrabassoon concerto.