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Synonyms for contrabass

largest and lowest member of the violin family

pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range


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As with her 2008 album "Falak," her core accompanists are Dutch -- topflight session musicians clustered around her longtime collaborator, contrabassist Tony Overwater -- punctuated by the riq (tambourine) of master percussionist Ali Khatib.
Pioneered by Lebanese composers like Ziad Rahbani and Toufic Farroukh, "Oriental jazz" -- the melding of Western jazz instrumentation and modalities with the quarter-tone scale of eastern music -- continues to be explored by younger performers like vocalist Rima Khcheich and contrabassist Tony Overwater, her principal instrumentalist.
Wael Alkak's moody soundtrack navigates between scenes like a car edging though Beirut traffic, and the camera periodically returns to the terrace of a Beirut apartment block where contrabassist Khaled Omran and vocalist Cynthia Choucair are performing what you've been hearing.
In this he'll be accompanied by pianist Fadi Farah, contrabassist Makram Abou El-Hessen, drummer Wissam Sawaya and veteran U.
Led by vocalist Belle du Berry, guitarist Potzi, trumpeter-pianist David Lewis, percussionist Francois-Francois (aka Jean-Francois Jeannin) and contrabassist Mona Razanajato, Paris-Combo escorted their Beirut audience through a world of romance, laughter and dance.
Sung in French, Arabic, English and Spanish, "Moon Breeze" sees Ghossoub collaborate with the critically acclaimed American pianist Cyrus Chestnut, contrabassist Michel Donato and drummer Jim Hillman.
She and her collaborators -- whether the assortment of Beirut-area jazz players she worked with on her record "Yalalalli" or the Dutch session musicians clustered around contrabassist Tony Overwater on "Falak" -- mingle the work of giants in the Arab classical tradition (Abdul Majid, Shaykh Sayyed Darwish) with that of contemporary composers (Issam Hajj Ali and Rabih Mroueh).
Conventionally it's only the conductor and contrabassist who are allowed to stand (presumably for reasons of practicality) during a concert.
The grandfather had been a violinist and an improvisational musician of some note and his improv work (taqsim) wafts throughout this film -- both the original home recordings and contemporary updates performed by contrabassist Nabil Amarshi and his ensemble People Playing Music.
Weighing in at 48 minutes, "Teta," isn't exactly of epic length but it punches above its weight -- thanks to formal interventions that elevate the film from amusing archival curio to a free-standing documentary-fiction hybrid, thanks, in part to the participation of People Playing Music, the quartet led by composer and contrabassist Nabil Amarshi.
Teta's husband, Mahmoud, is the musician responsible for the improvisations that waft throughout the film -- either in their original form or as updated by Nabil Amarshi, composer and contrabassist with the quartet People Playing Music.
These qualities are reiterated and amplified by her accompanists, a top-notch Dutch jazz quartet headed by contrabassist Tony Overwater.