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Synonyms for contrabass

largest and lowest member of the violin family

pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range


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With the RP-955 the fanfare rang out with remarkable clarity before the contrabasses chum-chum-chummed into the false recapitulation of the second theme.
The ensemble divides into three groups - four violins, a standard string quartet, and a group consisting of viola, cello, and two contrabasses - although this division is not apparent at the start, since the first event is a chord that evolves into a dense wall of tremolos (from which a solo violin and cello escape only to be reabsorbed by a new tremolo) which itself devolves into a chord that reverses the opening event.
Harbison's expansive instrumentation includes two contrabasses, harp, piano and a large battery of percussion consisting of over twenty-five instruments for four players, in addition to the more traditional wind instruments, while Maw includes alto flute, clarinets (in E[flat], B[flat], and A), and contrabassoon.