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Synonyms for contrabass

largest and lowest member of the violin family

pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range


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The group - Anne Marit Bergheim, Marianne Sveen, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jorgensen - play everything from banjo to accordion and contrabass balalaika and will be performing tonight at Birmingham's HMV Institute With a mix-bag of songs from Tea With Cinnamon, a jolly carousel ride around your teacup - off their debut album Le Pop - to their latest release Soviet Trumpeter, an eerie gothic song that might instil fear in the most hardy - from their latest album A Kiss Before I Go.
Surman plays soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, alto bass and contrabass clarinets and harmonica over synth backgrounds.
Through the sounds and sensibilities of six instruments (*qanoun*, *oud*, *buzuq*, violin, contrabass, and Oriental percussion), the group seeks to combine individual and collective endeavours inspired by the rich musical heritage of our region.
The later version includes flute, English horn, saxophone (soprano and tenor,) bassoon, viola, contrabass, and keyboard.
Referred to as a bass fiddle, contrabass, string bass or bull fiddle, the double bass is often confused with its close relative the cello.
Her work Et dans un long tournoiement / J'entrerais alors dedans l'etang celeste, for bassoon, contrabass, bass clarinet and electronics on verses by Oleh Lysheha (in Ukrainian), was performed by the Ensemble Court Circuit in 1996.
Ivan Lewis played the pianos, Fernando Favier the percussion and Dany Noel the contrabass during the concert at the Cesme Fortress.
Moustafa looked as if he was having a ball on stage and Mohamed has a strange passion for his contrabass, as if he is married to it
With great simplicity in her performance, rare jazz virtuosity at the piano, balanced with her vocal capacity and accompanied by magnificent Anthony Wilson on guitar, Robert Hurts on contrabass and Karriem Riggins on drums, with a very simple, yet beautiful scenography, enriched with perfect light, Krall disclosed the entire beauty of her talent and confirmed why she is called the queen of jazz.
The group is accompanied by cimbalom music called Kycera or occasionally by fiddle music and is made up of folk instruments such as violins, contrabass, flutes, cimbalom and bagpipes.
Although when I met him, he was already in his mid-seventies, he was as energetic as a seventeen-year old, especially on stage and with the contrabass in his hands.
Both are scored for a choir of piccolo, four C flutes, alto flute, bass flute and optional contrabass flute.
Swiss pianist Nik Bartsch is back with his ensemble Ronin, featuring Sha on bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, and alto saxophone; Bjorn Meyer on bass; Kaspar Rast on drums; and Andi Puato on percussion.
The instruments will include the Arabian oud, kanun, violing, viola and contrabass along with a vocalist.