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Synonyms for contrabandist

a person who engages in smuggling

Synonyms for contrabandist

someone who imports or exports without paying duties

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Another obvious case was that of Thomas Lindley, captain of the Packet, who eventually published an account of his experiences as a contrabandist along the Brazilian coast.
At first, Cuba was the main target of this war, especially after the implication of four high officials of the Cuban government during the November 1982 investigation in Miami of Colombian contrabandist Jaime Guillot Lara.
The fact of hunger is an imperative here; those of us who have worked the soil would rather face an armed contrabandist than evict a poor maize farmer.
For example, the transformation of Tunisia into a transit point for the traffic of cannabis, stimulant drugs, and alcohol between Algeria and Libya affected the old contrabandists of legal commodities who saw a significant decrease in profits.
In a statement, the Tajik National Security Committee said the border guards tried to stop "a group of Afghan drug contrabandists.
One note from Christel Wallbaum to Crawford (54) refers to Crawford's speculation that Robert Schumann's Der Contrabandists being "kind of a copying job" of Manuel Garcia's El contrabandista insofar as the text of the Schumann song is a German translation of Garcia's, and the melodies are remarkably similar.
Rupert 2012, 173) Rupert does this when writing about the complications involved when contrabandists traded in enslaved Black people and mules.