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Synonyms for contrabandist

a person who engages in smuggling

Synonyms for contrabandist

someone who imports or exports without paying duties

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At first, Cuba was the main target of this war, especially after the implication of four high officials of the Cuban government during the November 1982 investigation in Miami of Colombian contrabandist Jaime Guillot Lara.
Rum Row," for example, located off the Northeast coast beyond the three-mile limit, enabled contrabandists to ferry hooch by the boatload to New York for illegal tippling in speakeasies and private clubs.
Islamic fundamentalist militias and contrabandists are sending tons of ground to air missiles, machine guns and automatic rifles seized from Gadhafi's arms depots to Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and all points east, west, south and north.
Authorities are looking for him because of various criminal acts but they assess that he and those like him are contrabandists and are not a threat to the country's security.