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a map having contour lines through points of equal elevation


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The results of the calculations of the probability of conformity of the defined condition (in our case, the condition of compressive strength of soil-binder mixtures, according to formula (2)), have been developed graphically in the form of statistical contour maps (Maindonald, Braun 2010), with the use of R software.
To allow a comparison of these methods, we have created illuminated contour maps following the method outlined by Tanaka and using our modified method.
Both the transient tracer distributions from the contour maps and the C[F.
The most dramatic differences from year to year were in spreading pattern, as shown in the contour map of peak ILI activity by week.
Study aerial photos and contour maps to identify these potential gems, and then search them out on foot.
The central task in creating the GIS was to digitally capture existing contour maps and convert them into a 2 m digital elevation model (DEM).
6,280,288) for the process that collects and analyzes data for creating contour maps like those were marketed with Norax, Norton's engineered or structured surface coated abrasives.
It comprises a boxed set containing an illustrated book in English with a Spanish resumen, which contains the documentation, analysis and interpretation of the Palpa geoglyphs; two detailed contour maps of the geoglyphs; two orthophotos of them; and six symbolic maps of the archaeological sites, geoglyphs and possible access routes of the Palpa region, broken down by periods from the Early Horizon to the Late Intermediate Period.
The data collected are entered into a computer that can construct contour maps that flag insect population centers needing treatment.
NOISE contour maps, right, released by JLA yesterday show how increased traffic will expose more people to noise pollution.
Throughout the theater of operations, there are little or no detailed contour maps.
From how to read aerial photos and contour maps to figure out where mature bucks hide, to maximizing one's time while hunting on public land, to weather scent tactics, and much more, Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies is a thoroughly accessible reference and resource for bowhunters of all skill and experience levels.
SpecMaps[TM] allows users to create two-dimensional contour maps of geo-referenced data collected by portable measurement instruments.
The water table contour maps are used in deciphering the groundwater flow direction, gradient and area of recharge and discharge.
Embedded analytics from the IMSL C Library provide both backward analysis and forward predictions on collected data, while the PV-WAVE graphics and visualization engine efficiently illustrates data sets using n-dimensional charts, heat maps and contour maps.