contour line

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a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

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learn the importance of LINE, specifically contour line in a two-part lesson.
Curvature-based methods are typically sensitive to the distribution of vertices on a contour line and can lead to a judgment that differs from manual identification (Moore, O'loughlin, and Burch 1988).
While you're watching the Navionics background chart on your phone or tablet, the Vexilar sonar is delivering bathymetric data, and new contour lines appear on the chart as you motor along.
The money will go towards putting advisers in the field to urge farmers to do things like putting especially vulnerable arable fields back into grassland, avoiding soil compaction, cultivating along, instead of across, the contour line, and sub-soiling, so that the soil can absorb rainfall better.
For freshwater pros, a LakeMaster Digital GPS card installed in the Humminbird GPS can be sourced to lock the trolling motor onto a particular contour line.
Anytime you see a sharp bend in a contour line, you are probably looking at a funnel.
The new model features new headlamps, tail lamps and mirrors, wider grille, and an additional horizontal contour line on the rear air dam.
Where the contour line crosses a drystone wall on the hill, Bridget has marked the spot with orange twine over three-metre stretches.
ANSWERS: 1 Poland; 2 Hansard; 3 Uncle Tom's Cabin; 4 Octavia; 5 Optical character recognition; 6 The sciatic nerve; 7 Oliver Twist; 8 Henri Rousseau; 9 Billy Wright; 10 A contour line on maps showing points of equal temperature.
Did you use keen observational skills that focused on contour line and light source?
Tanaka applied a form of analytical hill shading to the contours, as if each contour line were a step on a model surface capable of being lighted from a given illumination direction.
At the high end, the Microscreen Contour line boasts a new foil technology.
LOOK AT THOSE SHOES The next class, we began contour line drawings of our shoes.
They use their knowledge on composition, light, contour line, and acrylic paint to create a complex and interesting still life of paint cans and art supplies.