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feathers covering the body of an adult bird and determining its shape

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At 34 days, nestlings were mostly covered with contour feathers.
The molt of the tail and body contour feathers begins after the molt of the primaries are well advanced (after primaries 4-6 have been replaced) and are completed at the same time or shortly before completion of the molt of the primaries (Marin 2003).
As has been observed in virus isolation, viruses may be able to survive longer in differentiated epidermal tissue such as contour feathers.
The presence of contour feathers is important because it bears on whether early birds were warm-blooded.
Colour phases of the eastern screech owl: a comparison of biomechanical variables of body contour feathers.
Orioles at MBO were actively molting their contour feathers when the unusually-colored birds were first noted in early August 2006.
On physical examination, crusting was present on the intact contour feathers of the dorsum.
2003) that the first molt cycle starts with completion of the prejuvenal molt appears inconsistent with the H-P system because, under this system, all molts are named in reference to the incoming contour feathers and defined by the beginning of a molt and not its completion.
One Brown Creeper at Montecristo National Park, captured on 10 April 2008 and classified as second year, was molting contour feathers and still retained heavily worn juvenile flight feathers; this is consistent with hatching during February 2007.
Northern Saw-whet Owl ventral contour feathers show almost no fluorescence in all ages and plumages.
Our objectives were to investigate: (1) whether dippers have contour feathers similar to those of aquatic or terrestrial bird families in terms of water repellency and resistance to water penetration, and (2) if dippers that dive for their prey have a different feather structure from those that do not dive.