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Synonyms for contour

Synonyms for contour

a line marking and shaping the outer form of an object

Synonyms for contour

a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

a feature (or the order or arrangement of features) of anything having a complex structure

form the contours of

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Figure 12 is the resulting illuminated contour map based on both slope and aspect.
This balance has become more important than ever to ATM owners and financial service providers as security compliance standards such as PCI are being enhanced," said Marc Winn, President of Contour Networks.
For more information on the FLIP PILLOW and Contour Products, call toll-free, 1-800-MY-CONTOUR.
Contour "will not be able to stay in business without the loan" from CM Medical, the filing said.
Figure 12 shows contours of the shear stress in the foreground, at a nominal strain of 50%.
When used in conjunction with the Virtual Mortgage Company, Contour Processing Services (CPS) handles all initial contact with the borrower and requests the necessary documentation, which is imaged and placed in a Virtual Loan Folder, into which all subsequent borrower information and documentation is stored.
Maurice Gunderson, Contour Energy Systems' chairman of the board and venture partner with CMEA Capital.
The combination of iON and Contour creates a camera company ready for the future of video capture and live streaming.
As shown in the contour plot in figure 1, this percentage is constant over the black/oil range studied.
This adds further validation to our inventions and most significantly, will allow us to more fully capitalize on these innovations," said James Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Contour.
This makes the Contour coin cell line particularly well suited for applications that require high sustained or pulse currents and greater durability.
Contour plans to eventually integrate Bitcoin payment internationally to supply the growing demand for their products.
Unlike other battery companies competing in commodity markets, Contour is focusing on niche markets and applications where performance really matters," said Joe Fisher, CEO of Contour Energy Systems.
23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Action camera pioneer CONTOUR introduces another innovative, easy-to-use and durable action camera built specifically for year-round adventurers.
To celebrate its new manufacturing plant expansion, Contour is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony at its company headquarters featuring Congresswoman Dr.