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an acrobat able to twist into unusual positions

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And it's not every day that you get to see a contortionist contort her body while firing an arrow from a longbow with her feet.
The Snake Contortionist who bends her body into unbelievable shapes or the Frogs who can complete an entire dance while doing a handstand just leave you wondering - how do they do that?
Vaudeville Weekender will feature acrobats and contortionists
the craziest contestant the All Ireland Talent Show has ever seen - a teenage hula-hooping contortionist.
Contortionists impress circus audiences by folding their bodies in half backward or wrapping their feet around their heads.
Today, Iona's is one of Britain's most famous contortionists - a stark contrast from the life she used to lead.
He is one of two contortionists among wacky acts in the telly star search hosted by Ant and Dec.
Radio One will be broadcasting from Creamfields throughout the event and festival-goers will be treated to boutique camping, choirs, contortionists, art exhibits, skaters and BMXs.
No longer unseen, the musicians will share the stage with ``Delirium's'' contortionists and acrobats.
This is a crime against nature for we surfers and potential clients are not normally trained as professional contortionists.
But don't wear these at home: "It's the level of unusual talent these performers have that makes them work, especially the contortionists," says Curry.
For this exhibition he arranged several of these fetishes (together with film props and relics of performances) on Chinese-style lacquered shelves placed before photographs of Taiwanese contortionists.
The Culture Clash players are affectionately irreverent curators of Chicano-Latino iconography; they're cultural contortionists who deliver insider satire on ethnic American subgroups--Miami retirees, the free trade bohemians, Vietnamese low-riders, and Dade County inmates.
A Big Top arched over the gymnasium at the Out-of-Door Academy for this year's circus-themed Extravaganza, and clowns, contortionists and other performers from Circus Sarasota and The Studio added their magic to the evening, which attracted 353 parents, teachers and supporters.
Dancers, acrobats, contortionists, they were all these and more as they pirouetted on their heads, flew into each others' upraised hands, shook their derrieres, and skittered through tiny steps as rapid as the filigree of accompanying baroque music.