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an acrobat able to twist into unusual positions

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One particular venue is struggling to make ends meet - new blood is needed and it's finally found when Dr Haze rolls into town with his Vampire Vaudeville show, featuring hair-hanging beauties, twisted contortionists, flying aerialists, demon dwarfs, gyrating jugglers, voodoo warriors, pickled people, sword swallowers and its latest and greatest newfound star The Ventriloquist.
Throwing all they have at it, the show features jugglers, magicians, unicycles, contortionists, German wheels, stilts walking, trampoline, Russian bar, pole balancing and much more.
the craziest contestant the All Ireland Talent Show has ever seen - a teenage hula-hooping contortionist.
Petite Casey's contortionist skills were snapped up by the company when she auditioned last year.
22 under the Big Top at Ed Smith Stadium, and they'll also witness Circus Sarasota acts featuring canine commander David Rosaire, quick change illusionists Vladimir and Olga Smirnov, equestrienne Caroline Williams, contortionist Alexey Goloborodko, juggler Semeon Krachinov and high flyers Dolly Jacobs and Yuri Rjkov.
Cut to a young girl, member of the contortionist family featured, explaining that contortionism is not a job, but an everyday occurrence that's possible thanks to milk's muscle-building properties.
These monsters are the "freaks" who populate the fairs and street shows--the bearded lady, the contortionist, the dwarf and the giant, all of whom made money for their "owners.
While Rachel is the protagonist of CQ2, Jeanne (a powerful acting debut by dancer and contortionist Danielle Hubbard) is the movie's soul.
Senator Rick Santorum (Republican, Pennsylvania), as a follow up to his Magoo-like contention that he couldn't find any right to privacy in the Constitution, recently indulged in more contortionist thinking in his effort to bring the esoterica of Catholic theology into U.
And perhaps from yoga, or more likely from an innate lack of ligaments, he has acquired the flexibility of a contortionist.
No longer the contortionist of my youth, I struggled with maintaining balance in and out of the bathtub.
The study findings are consistent with the idea that higher taxes can reduce STD rates," Harrell Chesson, a health economist and linguistic contortionist with the CDC, told the Post.
The contortionist brought the audience to its feet, but we weren't watching.
Mongolian contortionist Odka squeezed her 5ft 8in frame into the container for a stunt promoting Zippos Circus's shows in the town next week.
A WORLD-RECORD-BREAKING contortionist is just one of the surprises in store for fans of the Lady Boys of Bangkok in Newcastle this year.