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Synonyms for contortion

Synonyms for contortion

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

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The aerial, contortion, balancing and tumbling artists were fully up to the mark, and received frequent applause.
The Playbox special includes aerial contortion in silk, dynamic trapeze, juggling and acrobatics and features a 30-strong cast.
He certainly went through every other contortion during a terrifying two hours.
A classic contortion routine, in which a woman on her stomach sets her feet on her own shoulders, becomes funny when it's "faked" by two women.
In works such as Pelvis Contortion, Back Bone Contortion I, and Back Bone Contortion 2, all 2004, her iconography seems borrowed from both Durer's intricate and codified woodcuts and children's books like Where the Wild Things Are, the latter targeting an audience emancipated from innocence but not yet stifled by intellectual immobility.
Obviously this hits the ball straighter but also induces less manoeuvre and contortion in body action and swing path.
They hope to present two specially devised acts involving acrobalance and aerial contortion at the Lilalu International Circus Festival in Munich on August 20 and 21.
There's grotesquerie in Gallagher's dos--heightened by the distortion of the figures' eyes, which appear as white mandorla shapes--and the writing that remains legible from the ads phrases their strangeness as a social contortion visited on folk by their situation in the Americas.
It is in this latter work, in fact, that the overlap of Eros and Thanatos, perhaps Roberts's main interest, puts in its most overt appearance: This seat is designed for pleasure, for life, but like the all-too-similar electric chair, it seems an instrument of lethal contortion and constraint.
Suddenly, his entire body was in full contortion - a goofy, hopping, happy little dance.
The performances reflect Chinese arts, like contortion and Wu-Shu, which is Chinese Kung Fu.
Each contortion is given a name - the hotdog, the hamburger and the eye-watering G-string.
Each kind of contortion absorbs a certain wavelength of light, taking particular bites out of a broad band of ultraviolet radiation to produce the distinctive peaks and valleys of its absorption spectrum.
Chris, 28, from And-over, said: "It's impossible to get into the car without a bit of contortion and difficult to get out in a hurry.
She tried several disciplines and found she liked contortion best.