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twisted (especially as in pain or struggle)

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In an architecturally ingenious sleight-of-hand, the old contortedly cramped but sentimentally beloved Theatre Royal, its site expanded by the purchase of several adjacent properties, has made a swanlike interior metamorphosis into the larger (780 seats in the main auditorium), unostentatiously plush, technically state-of-the-art Wexford Opera House.
In a much-needed act of public spiritedness, Toyo Keizai rated major companies and products in terms of their "loyalty dividend," a figure that is determined, rather contortedly, by factoring the overall market share against percentage of devoted customers (however you work that out).
The text is so much larger and better preserved and the thought, though often difficult and contortedly expressed, so much more regulated, that for many, many issues there is a consensus, at least as to what a form might be grammatically or what general area of the lexicon it might inhabit.
Ophuls starts out strongly by showing how individualism sows the seeds of its own destruction through a contortedly unsustainable emphasis on atomistic material satisfaction at the expense of the common, balanced spiritual integrity that all sustainable societies must have.
Nearby is part of a vast polyptych, six panels wide, by Vittorio Crivelli: contortedly ornate and interesting only in the bony attenuation of the figures, which is so striking a feature in the work of his more famous brother, Carlo Crivelli.