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a continuous nonspatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct or distinguishable from adjacent parts

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Oxford continues to differentiate themselves by offering excellent terms combined with a great team of knowledgeable people," said Eugene Ehrenfeld, managing partner of Continuum Healthcare.
Her five years in Haiti laid the groundwork for Continuum.
Ordinarily, eigenfunctions of this type are obtained via perturbation theory; this method is not applicable to our case, as we deal with states belonging to the continuum whose energies are infinitely close to, and also coincident with, the energies of the discrete states.
Records continuum management comprises a series of rather indistinct phases and therefore cannot be considered as a simple addition of two discrete functions--records management and archives--which may have irreconcilable differences.
Their derision, coupled with Cantor's inability to prove the continuum hypothesis, sent him into several nervous breakdowns.
The first level on this force continuum is presence.
Recently, Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management asked Valerie Deorio, public relations coordinator at Kearsley, to describe the evolution of its continuum of care, as Kearsley enters its fourth century of operation.
These initiatives, which included the development of Product (Service) Line Management, continuous quality improvement, and managed care, provided additional momentum to improve the continuum of services for SCI patients.
Continuum is already recognized for its patient-centric, population health ambulatory model that helps improve quality and reduce costs, and I look forward to helping Continuum deliver those results to healthcare providers around the country," said Greenwald.
Considering the many challenges facing modern law enforcement officers, agency administrators should consider the potential advantages of expanding the use-of-force continuum to include pepper spray.
Under the new agreement, Broadlane will continue to provide Continuum and its five acute care hospitals in New York City with a wide range of sourcing, contracting, data and technology, clinical and purchasing services.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- An on-line solution that takes the tedium out of cross selling and prospecting communications for the financial services industry has been developed by business solutions provider Continuum.
Prior to deciding to expand their continuum, Fairview had successfully operated their long-term care facility for more than 80 years.
First Consulting Group (FCG) (NASDAQ: FCGI) today announced a multi-million dollar, four-year implementation and operation engagement with Continuum Health Partners' Beth Israel Medical Center in New York which will commence on August 1, 2006.
We're very excited about Barry joining the Continuum team -- he combines the best of entrepreneurial savvy, with the sales and management skills gained from scaling high-growth technology businesses.
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