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Synonyms for continuousness

the quality of something that continues without end or interruption

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To achieve this goal this corpus was built up on the principle of continuousness and not that of quantity, which means that each law is linked to the next one creating a continuous chain from 1891 to 2008.
Together, the instantaneousness and continuousness of blogs increase the speed at which public argument is circulated in internetworked societies.
However, on closer inspection, the proposition of a super-transcending continuousness of the "judge" cannot be maintained.
Mobility: The continuousness of computing while learners move from one position to another.
And since the significance of the inhabitants of the self-luminous realm involves being rather than doing (Huxley 88-9), the judge's statement that Valentine need only be identifies her as just such an instanciation of being: no wonder then that she appears finally as a photograph, an image removed from the continuousness of action.
Dirty Pretty Things (2002), nominated for numerous industry awards, including an Oscar in the category of "Best Writing" for screenwriter Stephen Knight, (3) is one of few contemporary, non-documentary, mainstream feature films that addresses the after-effects of illegal immigration and the continuousness of refugee and migrant exploitation in the West (4) as its primary narrative plot.
So one of EcoFlight's focuses is to get politicians out there seeing this, seeing the continuousness and contiguousness of the land.
I was adrift in a continuousness which was also adrift, a perpetual motion where I rushed to the surface only to sink back under like a diver submerging.
Again and Again and Again," expresses the continuousness of history
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