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Specifically, the BTRC has combined gasification reactions to cause carbon purification and Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis to continuously synthesize diesel fuel from woody biomass.
The newly adopted hydraulic mechanical continuously variable HFT (Human Fitting Transmission) system features two types of full automatic modes as well as a 6-speed manual mode which the rider operates through buttons located on the handle.
On an ongoing basis, the software continuously monitors and validates the health of a SAN throughout changes, growth, migrations and consolidations.
The nerve cells fired continuously, Muhlethaler's team reports in the March 1 Journal of Neuroscience.
The supplemental agreement in the ease of Hess obligated Hess to operate continuously for 20 years under the same name, and an additional 10 years as a "comparable retail department store with no requirement as to name.
Mullers use plows to blend and compress the sand mix continuously.
PROLITH's predictive capabilities have continuously advanced as the industry has embraced OPC to solve its sub-wavelength challenges.
Of the respondents, 429 people answered that they have continuously taken benzodiazepine anxiolytic for more than one month and are prescribed with it for symptoms except depression.
Continuously extruded rubber strip is applied by a covering unit, either at an angle or perpendicular to the roll core.
Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server in continuously available systems is a very strong cost of-ownership proposition," said Bob Ellsworth, lead product manager, Windows .
Some fish lived in tanks continuously laced with the hormone.
Another type of continuously operating compactibility controller operates with either batch or continuous mullers and reportedly controls compactibility to a [+ or -]2.
The underlying food & drink markets database is continuously updated, for example in regard to ongoing merger and acquisition activity, thus providing fully up-to-date analysis at all times with an online subscription.
Some work best when administered continuously, while others prove most effective in repeated small doses.
The product's ability to continuously and automatically reconcile observed changes with open change tickets fills a real need that our customers have.
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