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Synonyms for suture

a seam used in surgery

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thread of catgut or silk or wire used by surgeons to stitch tissues together

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join with a suture

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In the case of a continuous suture, this will be removed in its entirety and, therefore, the postoperative refractive outcome cannot be influenced by the practitioner.
For the Dor procedure, the rebuilding of the LV cavity is initiated using a continuous suture placed at the junction of the scar and normal myocardium, and the suture is tightened at the theoretical diastolic capacity of the patient LV (50–60 ml/m [sup]2) to attain a normal size of the LV.
Indore (MP) during March 2015 till sample size achieved where continuous suture and interrupted suture (figure of eight) was applied in 50 each patients with following observation and results.
Major Finding: One case of evisceration and 4 cases of dehiscence occurred with the intracorporeal continuous suture vs.
The running continuous suture is fast and easy and evenly distributes tension along the wound edge.
During the initial surgery, the mesh should be sutured to the abdominal wall, and then the peritoneum can be reconstructed with a continuous suture to cover the mesh plug.
Closure was done with (1 - 0) polypropylene by continuous suture, forming virtually a new linea alba without any facial tension (Figure 3).
In pocket technique, two parallel incisions into the bulbar conjunctival surface were made on either side of prolapsed gland and bases of the incisions were joined with a simple continuous suture using 3/0 catgut.
The coelomic wall and skin were closed by using 4/0 poliglecaprone 25 in a simple continuous suture pattern.
All patients had a Pfannenstiel incision and all skin sutures were inserted subcutaneously: PGA (absorbable), straight needle size 2/0, continuous suture (Ethicon); nylon (non-absorbable) monofilament, curved needle size 2-0, interrupted sutures (Clinisut); and staples (interrupted placement) (Smith & Nephew)).
DENVER - Use of unidirectional knotless barbed suture in laparoscopic myomectomy offers several key advantages over conventional continuous suture with intraoperative knots, according to an award-winning prospective randomized trial.
Group A: Continuous suturing: Continuous suture technique with continuous locking sutures in the vagina, perineum muscles and subcutaneous sutures for skin.
The continuous suture was performed with 6-0 Prolene beneath the bifurcation of the pulmonary artery to connect the distal end of the ascending aorta and the proximal end of the pulmonary artery to form a new aorta.
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