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the act of grazing


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the act of brushing against while passing

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If you have abundant rainfall or do a good job of irrigating, and keep the number of animals in balance with the pasture, you can get by with continuous grazing (not having to rotate pastures).
In some regions, nominal Rotational and Cell grazing strategies overlap, with Continuous grazing loosely adopted and/or integrated with wet-season spelling (e.
5 years of grazing exclusion from degraded topsoil in northern New South Wales (NSW) led to significantly higher unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and lower bulk density than in topsoil subjected to continuous grazing.
The farm is fully organic and signed up to the Tir Gofal agri-environment scheme, which requires continuous grazing in some fields and spring-side corridors where trees can regenerate naturally and encourage wildlife.
The rotational grazing sites had been managed such that grazing was restricted to short periods of several days, followed by long rest periods--generally several months--governed by pasture growth, whereas the continuous grazing sites had been grazed year-round without pre-planned rest periods.
Twenty-five rotational grazing and 25 continuous grazing sites were sampled for the grazing management component.
Continuous grazing leads to surface soil compaction, with associated loss of pore structure and connectivity reducing infiltration capacity (Gifford and Hawkins 1978; Greenwood and McKenzie 2001).
Introduction of rotational grazing systems in 1960s as an alternative to continuous grazing resulted in some improvement in soil and surface hydrology, through enhanced organic materials over the periods of animal exclusion.
Consider switching from continuous grazing to rotational for several reasons, say forage specialists with the University of Kentucky.
A continuous grazing program allows you to use only 20-50% of the total pasture.
Results over the period 2001-2006 showed an increase in soil organic carbon and nitrogen in the areas with favourable soil condition compared with continuous grazing.
Rotational grazing requires more fencing and labor than continuous grazing.
3 sheep/ha), long-term continuous grazing from July 1988 to April 1992.
However, if the clipping is constant, such as in the horse pasture example used, or from continuous grazing even in a large pasture, the future of the plants is bleak.
Well now, you should know I preach that continuous grazing is not the best grazing practice for conventional pasture management.
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