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an instrument that performs analyses


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The generic continuous flow analyzer may be the most promising approach for many oceanographic applications.
The District is seeking to purchase two Total Phosphorus/Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Continuous Flow Analyzer, better known as an TP/TKN Continuous Flow System.
In January 2002, EST Analytical signed an agreement to sell Thermo's Konelab series; last month, Cal-Bay International said it had received an order for more than $50,000 for Westco's SmartChem, its first sale of the instrument after adding it to its product line in the summer; and in February, Bran+Luebbe, which manufacturers its own continuous flow analyzer, the AutoAnalyzer 3, announced that it would distribute SEAL's AG2 and AQUA900 discrete analyzers in Europe under a joint name (see IBO 6/30/03).
1 Pie Chart: Continuous Flow Analyzer Demand by Region 1998 1998 North America 46% Europe 27% Japan 13% Other Pacific Rim 7% Latin America 4% Rest of World 3%
1 continuous flow analyzer for the determination of phenols and cyanide in water, 1;
Total quantity or scope: automated continuous flow analyzer for the analysis of wastewater, surface water, groundwater and drinking water supply accessories product + services - 1pc Estimated value excluding VAT: 610,000 RON
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