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a soft bluish-white ductile malleable toxic bivalent metallic element

the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

being one hundred more than three hundred

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To stay ahead of the competition, software is increasingly a critical differentiating factor for financial services firms, and Continuous Delivery provides a predictable way to release quality software at a pace that always meets business needs," said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud.
Managed Continuous Delivery Pipeline - The service includes a complete set of managed development, testing, staging and production environments that connect to the customer's internal development and testing environment.
Tags: rPath, release automation, release automation platform, virtualization, cloud, data center automation, application deployment, continuous delivery, unified automation and control, system version control, deep system modeling, CollabNet, Electric Cloud
com), the world's leader in Continuous Delivery automation, today announced record growth and major highlights for 2014.
Live online and industry events help executives, software engineers and IT operations bring Lean principles into the IT value stream while building DevOps and Continuous Delivery into their organization
Online Panel: Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) -- Episode 30: Mobile Apps and Continuous Delivery
AWS CodePipeline is an innovative continuous delivery and release automation service that facilitates continuous deployment.
1 of Go, its open-source, continuous delivery server.
Sauce Labs' co-founder and chief product officer, Steven Hazel, said automated testing is now a key part of continuous delivery pipelines.
FR) has said that the Information Technology department of its Global Banking & Investor Solutions division has been awarded 'Best IT Team' for its Continuous Delivery initiative, by the American Financial Technology Awards (AFTAs).
In 1982, the AGD established the Humanitarian Award to recognize an individual dentist who demonstrates contributions of voluntary service, in conjunction with a consistent commitment to enhance the image of general dentistry through the continuous delivery of quality dental care and through consistent leadership in areas of civic involvement.
New Advance+ features L-ascorbic acid technology, which offers time-released, continuous delivery to cells, providing a more efficient and effective form of the powerhouse ingredient.
The honor recognized Ward's completion of a six-sigma project; improvement in the quality area of operation; increasing local employment by more than 73 jobs since June 2003; and nearly perfect continuous delivery performance.
Like other DeltaRim models, it uses the Gusmer Continuous Delivery Cylinder (CDC) pumping system, which can process high-viscosity filled systems.
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