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a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played

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Zeoiherm 100-70B is also said to provide the heal- and oil-resistance the automotive industry markets have come to expect from Zeotherm thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), continuos (3,000 hour) resistance to 150[degrees]C with spike temperature resistance to 175[degrees]C.
The HXX uses low water flow, resulting in up to 7BD hours' continuos operation with the on-board water.
Zeltia has been traded on the Spanish Stock Exchanges, continuos market, since 1998 and has been part of Spain's Ibex-35 index since 3 July 2000.
The company reports this is the longest time any recipient has lived with continuos support from a heart assist device.
A test that operated a power plant for 500 continuos hours (a first) with turbines that performed at three times the capacity of steam.
92,100/ were imposed while four shopkeepers were arrested for continuos profiteering and violating officially approved price list.
Ministers favour a strip allowing access along the full length of the coast as well as to headlands, coves and beaches so that a continuos route will always be available as close to the coast as possible.
Further possibilities arise lot throughput improvement once the monitoring installation is in place and operational by using continuos automated temperature monitoring to calculate the accumulated lethality factor for each temperature measurement point.
We are extremely excited about the relationship with N-CAM(R) in that N-CAM(R) not only has substantial market penetration in a segment of healthcare market of over 25 million lives nationally which has been on a continuos growth spurt over the past decade - N-CAM(R) is now well positioned to be in the forefront of that growth spurt.
KARACHI -- The divisional and district administration Karachi has challaned 62 shopkeepers and a fine of Rs 1,19,500 was imposed while three shopkeepers were arrested for continuos profiteering and violating officially approved price list.
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