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Synonyms for continue

Synonyms for continue

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

to begin or go on after an interruption

Synonyms for continue

continue a certain state, condition, or activity

continue talking

allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature

do something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop

continue after an interruption

continue in a place, position, or situation

span an interval of distance, space or time

exist over a prolonged period of time

References in classic literature ?
Though no longer bound by engagements to continue in the interior, they have become so accustomed to the freedom of the forest and the prairie, that they look back with repugnance upon the restraints of civilization.
Now, in 1907, on the occasion of the issue of this edition, I can only add how glad I am that my romance should continue to please so many readers.
Continue, continue," said the cardinal, "it's all the same to me.
This hope was speedily dispelled like his other illusions; silence had indeed, been restored in the audience, after a fashion; but Gringoire had not observed that at the moment when the cardinal gave the order to continue, the gallery was far from full, and that after the Flemish envoys there had arrived new personages forming part of the cortege, whose names and ranks, shouted out in the midst of his dialogue by the intermittent cry of the usher, produced considerable ravages in it.
The very fact, as Perry took pains to explain, of the blasting of several very exact and learned scientific hypotheses made it apparent that we could not know what lay before us within the bowels of the earth, and so we might continue to hope for the best, at least until we were dead--when hope would no longer be essential to our happiness.
Would it stop at this point again, or would it continue its merciless climb?
Fitch continues to view the sector positively as several factors suggest that the strong margin environment is sustainable: strong U.
E*TRADE FINANCIAL continues to commit employee volunteers and funds to help those affected by Katrina reconstruct their finances and homes to move forward with their lives.
The United States continues to grow, like-for-like revenues up almost 4%, similar to the first quarter.
Demand for steel rebar continues high in the western states served by TAMCO.
Finally, the Company stated that it is continuing the work required to enable its independent auditors to complete the Company's fiscal year 2004 audit, and the Company continues to believe that the work is nearing completion.
In the US the inability to reach a consensus on modernization continues to frustrate, while in Europe, Pan-European directives in particular the Financial Services Action Plan will see far reaching consequences for insurers.
The primary focus of base metal exploration continues to be:
The trend that will continue to affect the media universe in 2007 is the ongoing shift in advertising dollars from traditional media into non-traditional media, most notably the Internet, as network and broadcast television, radio and newspapers experience slow growth and ongoing audience declines, and ad spending continues to follow consumer patterns.
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