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without stop or interruption


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The pressure from suppliers and end markets has put some newsprint mills in the United States and Canada in a continued bind.
9 million units in 2004, with continued growth through 2009 at an average annualized growth rate of approximately 2.
Current account balances, after all, continued to swell as the BOJ continued to raise the ceiling.
Participation in team sports should grow, fueled by youth and adult sports leagues and the continued participation of girls and women.
However, continued terrorism like Sunday's attack threaten to provoke yet another crisis in the coming months.
For Latin American manufacturing and service businesses, effective supply chain management will be an important aspect of continued growth and profitability.
In manufacturing, the pace of motor vehicle assemblies was unchanged, but production in automotive-related industries was stepped up noticeably and output of business equipment continued to expand vigorously.
Indeed, we are convinced that the sustained interest in their positions, in their company, and in their industry stems in part from a rigorous and cooperative program of continued learning.
The Cuban government continued to deny its citizens basic civil and political rights.
Total nonfarm payroll employment continued to increase in April, with more than half of the job gains occurring in service industries, notably in health and business services.
This activity clearly would harbinger continued growth in e-commerce activity and further increase the value of virtual land.
At the same time, the continued deterioration of conditions in China and Cuba and the abusive policies pursued by the regimes in Iraq and Sudan and a number of other countries offer proof that the battle to promote universal human rights is far from finished.
In addition, it is the opinion of many economists that long- and short-term interest rates will remain unchanged through 1999, Continued low interest rates will further add to the real estate opportunities.
World NR stocks continued to increase in 1996, but at a declining pace compared to that of the first half of 1995.
Spending for housing and exports was rising, but retail sales had been weak, and nonresidential construction continued to hold down overall investment expenditures.