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Synonyms for continuative

an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences

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the types of discourse move Kelly used), we used eleven categories, such as recasts, follow-up questions, forced-choice questions, provision of example options, elaborations, and continuatives.
Wiik (1978 : 175-178) maintain that the only exeption are continuative derivatives.
And sentence 3 is, depending on context, either iterative, expressing repetition, or continuative, expressing the deliberate continuance of an action.
For continuative intraindividual and interindividual analysis, a picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) workstation (IDS5, Sectra AB, Linkoping, Sweden) was used.
TQM strategy for continuative and maintainable improvement of processes, products and services contains a huge potential for development of creativity, apart from the traditional methods for quality improvement.
One should definitely not skip the footnotes of this well-researched book as they provide much continuative information.
Distant students have instead the idea that they should be somehow supported so usually we use continuative relationship devices such as emails.
It allows the comprehension of the client by evaluating the result set and choosing good and/or bad examples for a continuative retrieval.
List of abbreviations ACC accusative AgrO agreement marker with the object aux(np) non-past auxiliary aux(past) past auxiliary CONT continuative CONV converb COP copula DEF definite article DISTR distributive morpheme f feminine GEN genitive IMP imperative INGR ingressive IPV imperfective JUS jussive NEG negative/negation p plural poss possessive suffix PV perfective REL relative clause marker 1s 1st person singular 2p 2nd person plural 2sf 2nd person singular feminine 2sm 2nd person singular masculine 3p 3rd person plural 3sf 3rd person singular feminine 3sm 3rd person singular masculine
Also, the self-employed paid substantially less social security contributions as a result of the 1998 reform, although the availability of collaborazioni coordinate e continuative (similar to self-employment) may have been more instrumental in reducing undeclared work.
They allow a comparison of the price level among the EU countries and may be considered a by-product of the PPP calculated by Eurostat on the basis of a continuative survey conducted in 31 European capital cities, which in turn belongs to the ICP.
To be constantly curious presents a direct threat to authority; curiosity not only challenges authority, but the progressive, continuative nature of inquisitive searching precludes the establishment of any fixed forms or orthodox doctrine.
Steady in the quotation from "The Lesson" is a modal in AAVE, and steady serves as an intensified continuative.
Boundary conditions included a pressure boundary representing back pressure on the ink reservoir and a continuative boundary condition where the fluid flows out of the domain.
Conditions included a pressure boundary representing backpressure on the ink reservoir and a continuative boundary where the fluid flows out of the domain.