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Synonyms for continuative

an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences

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when is used in the sense of whenever), or of two continuative PP clauses (both sharing S as their reference time).
He refers to them as (1) resultative reading; (2) right-bounded reading; and (3) continuative reading.
Part II describes the prosodic structures that appear in discourse (prosodic divisions, downdrift, "preambles," pauses, and continuative boundary tones).
For example, the restrictive function of a RC is determined by its occurrence in the modifier position of an NP construction, that is, as a sister to N (or N'); the appositive function of a RC is determined by its occurrence as a sister to a complete NP; the continuative or narrative-advancing function of a RC (cf.
1P = first person singular pronoun 1Pp = first person plural pronoun 3P = third person (singular/plural) pronoun "name"(1P) = speaker's name used to refer to first person ANT = anterior CMPL = completive CONT = continuative DIR = directional DIR'V = directive intensifier EMP = emphatic marker EXP = experiential FUT = future tense/modal HON = status particles IMP = imperfective NEG = negator POS = possessive PRT = conversational and pragmatic particles Q.
This represents a promising basis for a continuative research work and a successful development may be expected.
Both companies are striving to offer a more continuative experience across all of its devices.
8220;Investing in jobs and young employees means increasing the company's competitiveness and is very important for the future of our group - says Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpA - the agreement with La Repubblica Degli Stagisti is only a part of a continuative project aimed at encouraging innovation and bringing new talents into a group already determined to grow.
A Continuative Variable Resolution Digital Elevation Model for Ground-based Photogrammetry.
In Estonian and Finnish research this kind of derivation (in addition to continuative and inchoative derivation) is called modifying derivation--seen typically as adding to the quality of action by modifying the semantics of the stem without changing its valence or subject-object relations (cf.
And sentence 3 is, depending on context, either iterative, expressing repetition, or continuative, expressing the deliberate continuance of an action.
For continuative intraindividual and interindividual analysis, a picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) workstation (IDS5, Sectra AB, Linkoping, Sweden) was used.
It allows the comprehension of the client by evaluating the result set and choosing good and/or bad examples for a continuative retrieval.