vocational education

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training for a specific vocation in industry or agriculture or trade

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They had tasted success at Kirk Douglas Continuation School -- Second Chance High -- and they liked it.
He was not successful in that endeavour, but the conduct of state education as a free market activity was ended by the abolition of payment by results, an event that corresponded very closely with the opening in 1905 of the Continuation School.
The Antelope Valley Union High School District named a continuation school after Parris because of his inspirational life story.
The Kirk Douglas Continuation School in Northridge also receives regular donations.
Another high school that posted a big increase was Bowman, a continuation school that went from 494 on the index to 670.
His grades at Hart High suffered, and in 2002 he transferred to Bowman High, a continuation school.
Hart Union High School District, and some students at Bowman High School, a continuation school, engage in independent study.
SANTA CLARITA -- A continuation school that was recently at risk of losing its charter with the William S.
Pacific View is a continuation school for students who have been expelled or are on probation from traditional high schools.
color) Monterey High teacher Keith Lang, far left, and Principal Ann Brooks, second from left, stand with students after the Burbank continuation school was honored by the state.
VALENCIA - Low test scores and an unimpressive dropout rate might mark the end for one continuation school that serves the Santa Clarita Valley.
His choice of socializing over homework landed him at a continuation school while others in his eighth-grade class headed to graduation.
It targeted high-risk students such as Sara Ramos, a student at Will Rogers Continuation School who seriously thought about dropping out last year until her teachers and principal took the time to persuade her to do otherwise.
Daily High School has been giving troubled students a second chance since 1964, but for the first time, the continuation school is seeking accreditation to win respect from the community and universities.
They include "at least" two large day technical continuation schools, a secondary school for boys, the extension of facilities for secondary education for girls, nursery schools for children between the ages of two and five or six years, an increased amount of medical inspection and treatment, an open-air school for weakly and anaemic children, a special school or special classes for the mentally deficient, and school canteens for those who are underfed or malnourished, whether due to the neglect, ignorance or poverty of the parents.