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Synonyms for continual

Synonyms for continual

Antonyms for continual

occurring without interruption


'continual' (meaning seemingly uninterrupted) is often used interchangeably with 'continuous' (meaning without interruption)

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Roessiger went on to add, "We know that 81% of promotional products are kept because they are useful and tote bags offer the broadest continual utility.
Total quantity or scope: Provision of Print and Design Services through a continual competition framework.
Such letters published by the Mail increase staff morale and give a fairer balance of the NHS than the continual negative articles published in national media.
The continual reassessment method and its variations have drawn attention in the medical community as an improvement on the 3+3 algorithm, which is still used though its poor statistical properties are becoming ever less acceptable.
Summary: Continual Improvement Subgroup concluded today the events of "Continual Improvement Symposium", "Quality World Day" .
It needs continual monitoring with the first check 10 days after treatment starts, then after four weeks and then every three months.
The continual production on the double conveyor-belt process adopted by BCOMS is considered as the most innovative process for manufacturing sandwich panels nowadays," the spokesman observed.
Life, moral or physical, is not a completed fact, but a continual process, depending for its movement upon two contrary forces, the force of resistance and that of expression.
Ratings are based on evidence from continual evaluation of all services including inspections, audits, plans and customer surveys.
During the election campaign we got a continual stream of negative political leaflets informing the electorate how bad the other party was.
The 79-year-old pontiff said: "Nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees.
We are now focused on the interaction of processes with better measurement, communications and continual improvement.
Ken Wilber's Integral Vision In The New Millennium by Brad Reynolds lays out the basic essentials philosophy students and non-specialist general readers will need to follow Wilber's continual theoretical expansion and their pragmatic application, Wilber's current public outreach, his complex metatheory, and how this integral approach is capable of uniting modern science with ancient mysticism.
The form of expression of the culture here is continual choreography and composition,'' she said.