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Synonyms for continue

Synonyms for continue

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

to begin or go on after an interruption

Synonyms for continue

continue a certain state, condition, or activity

continue talking

allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature

do something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop

continue after an interruption

continue in a place, position, or situation

span an interval of distance, space or time

exist over a prolonged period of time

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Sauzin, Nonlinear analysis with endlessly continuable functions, RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu, B57 (2016), 235-247.
Lemma 3 (singular behavior of Q(z)) The series Q(z) is analytically continuable to the whole complex plane slit by the half-lines z [greater than or equal to] 1/8 and z [less than or equal to] - 1, and has the following singular expansion as z tends to 1/8,
8) Digo irrepetible, pero lo cierto es que es legitimamente continuable bajo la forma de una poesia de los objetos, o de una poesia mediante objetos, como la que desarrollo el mejor arte surrealista.
Indeed, much of the content of the non-verbal expression of anger reflects muscular preparation for physically antagonistic behaviour and serves its communicative function precisely because of its meaning as part of a continuable aggressive action sequence (cf.
As a professional you should look for two important items still being offered by those companies that are committed to the continued sale of disability income policies: 1) noncancelable and guaranteed continuable to age 65 with no change in premium rates and 2) protection in your field of endeavor.