contingency procedure

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an alternative to the normal procedure

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The mean CO reading across the group was greater than 20 ppm at baseline and below the 12 ppm CO criterion for each of the 15 CO readings during the contingency procedure (top panel).
More than 100 newly developed or updated standard operating and contingency procedures were brought to a first draft stage before the trials commenced in mid September.
If a shipment is mission critical, your success could rest upon the carrier's ability to recover from a service issue and enact contingency procedures.
50% have prepared to execute contingency procedures, such as moving to an alternate site or dispersing their workforce -- 45% have exercised and tested established emergency procedures -- 41% have increased the monitoring of computer systems -- 40% have stored enough food and water for at lease three days of survival -- 38% have created a family plan to communicate whereabouts if disaster strikes.
An infected terminal, however, could be recovered by using contingency procedures.
7 Kyodo Hong Kong's international airport tested its contingency procedures Thursday to see if could handle any Year 2000-related problems that might arise.
Contingency procedures for NetKeeper's thin programs are much simpler to set up because the programs can run on any correctly configured PC.
BT has now overhauled its contingency procedures and has introduced strict guidelines in the event of similar emergencies.
Always know the contingency procedures at your accomodations.
This EPRS project consists of developing a process of repair, including both equipment and contingency procedures, to support the Chevron-operated pipelines and INPEX's Ichthys pipeline off the North and Northwest coasts of Australia.
The university put into action its contingency procedures until a specialist contractor confirmed there is no risk whatsoever to staff, students or the public.
The Sponsoring Organizations urged telecommunications and electricity providers to share information on the state of their own preparations and encouraged market participants and supervisors and regulators to consider the need to develop appropriate contingency procedures.
ECA works closely with railroads to create a plan which includes development of spill contingency procedures, identification of qualified contractors and approved remediation methods, and ongoing consultation.
SHEPD's network contingency procedures worked effectively and teams reacted quickly, this resulted in the majority of homes in Inverness being affected for under one hour, with the last home being restored within three hours in Caithness.
The Federal Reserve has modified its policy on caps several times, most recently by incorporating a streamlined approach to assessing an institution's creditworthiness and by including an assessment of its operating controls and contingency procedures.
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