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a fee that is payable only if the outcome is successful (as for an attorney's services)

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One argument sometimes made in support of contingency fee audits is that they allow the state it collect monies that otherwise would escape the tax net.
Senate Bill 342 (Wolk) was amended in laic March to include a provision that prohibits contingency fees in tax matters.
If that had happened years ago when the contingency fee was in its infancy, it would have been stopped.
There is a huge conflict among the circuits on whether a directly paid contingency fee is income to the plaintiff.
The revamped amendment says that the contingency fee lawyer now should handle "routine" lien and subrogation issues, and defines what is considered routine and what is complex.
In recent years, we have seen too many instances of other state AGs abusing their authority and the public trust in their hiring of and interactions with contingency fee law firms.
In the present case, the district court first examined Vermont law to determine the respective legal interests in the contingency fee in question.
The incentive-based contingency fee system forces the personal injury lawyer to make a decision between what's best for their client and what's best for their own wallet.
According to information provided to the board, the contingency fee lawyer would be required to handle normal lien issues.
CMS has advised the company that contracts were awarded in the four RAC regions to the lowest contingency fee bidder that satisfied CMS's minimum technical requirements, with no single bidder being eligible for a contract award in more than one region.
Under the agreement between Z and his attorneys, X would receive a contingency fee of one third of the net recovery, plus expenses.
Kail, one of the lawyers who helped Horton, said she did not collect a contingency fee because her client could not afford it.
Hence, the bill would authorize the hiring of contract auditors on a contingency fee basis.
Some recruiters will work on a part retainer and part contingency fee, so they will be paid separately for the consultation work required to define the actual job and candidate attributes.
Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit today dashed the hopes of Vickie Lynn Marshall (Anna Nicole Smith) and her bevy of contingency fee lawyers when it overturned a decision by a lower California federal court awarding the former stripper more than $88 million from businessman E.
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