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a fee that is payable only if the outcome is successful (as for an attorney's services)

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The court said the attorney with the underlying contingency fee contract had the duty to provide that service, even if it means paying out of his or her pocket for an outside attorney to negotiate the liens.
3 percent contingency fee could be a deal killer for a plaintiff's attorney and put justice out of the reach of many, according to Haas.
A representative for Kentucky attorney general Andy Bashear declined to comment on questions regarding the case and the use of contingency fee attorneys, citing pending litigation.
CalCPA is working with GO-Biz to develop alternative regulatory language that will still protect GO-Biz's discretion in weighing the negative impact of the rare contingency fee agreement that may be grossly unreasonable in the context of a specific application, while maintaining flexibility with respect to contingency-based fee arrangements which may be the most economical way to assist the small businesses that are most in need of the awards.
case listed in the Exhibit, the IRS asserted that expenses incurred on behalf of clients while prosecuting contingency fee cases are not deductible because the law firm expected reimbursement upon resolution of a settlement or judgment.
In our view, the unmet legal need identified by the LAW Survey is unlikely to be addressed by allowing lawyers to enter contingency fee agreements.
In a survey of Wisconsin contingency fee practitioners, he found that lawyers in firms that employ media or direct mail advertising earn higher mean and median effective hourly rates, as compared to non-advertisers.
TEI's added that contingency fee charges have declined in recent years.
Contingency fee reform has been more successful at the state level with many states enacting statutes, court rules, or even passing constitutional amendments to limit the percentage of medical malpractice awards that attorney's may collect.
Esprit de Corps takes pride in the accuracy of its reporting and we apologize for implying that CFN would benefit from any contingency fee arrangement.
5th DCA 2004), the Fifth District Court of Appeal held that a contingency fee multiplier applied despite the recent Florida Supreme Court ruling in Sarkis v.
1) Their use in the United States generates great controversy, and while their use is restricted in some states, further calls for restrictions on contingency fee contracts are often heard.
Clearly, a contingency fee lease auditing firm will generally not waste time on a claim that is not legitimate because it is only compensated for successful results.
Lawyers would have the incentive to undercut other lawyers' pricing and the take-it-or-take-it-from-someone-else nature of the contingency fee would be eliminated.
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