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Synonyms for contingence

a coming together so as to be touching


Synonyms for contingence

a possible event or occurrence or result

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Quelle que soit donc la contingence apparente de la priorite donnee a l'intention de signification dans l'analyse des Recherches, je crois qu'elle cache pourtant quelque chose de plus profond.
Storm suggests that both synchronicity and psi may be viewed as scientifically causal, in part because each has metacauses (psi-permissive and psi-conducive conditions in the case of psi; and archetypal contingence in the case of synchronicity).
Contingence is a de-centered opening, a passing-through, a site for the everpresent possibility of transcendence within which poetry springs to life.
S'appuyant sur la notion d'ethique de la discussion chez Habermas et la theorie de l'agonisme democratique, l'auteur propose une lecture qui tente de surmonter les exclusions revelees par l'apatridie en faisant appel a la mutabilite et la contingence de la communaute, ainsi que la nature fondamentalement instable de la politique.
Large power systems require the analysis of all the credible contingence within a very short time so as to exercise the control in the short time available for corrective action (3).
La contingence devient eternite et la realite historique est transformee en un tableau harmonieux d'essences.
In the US, where the contingence of basic rights and needs rarely touches us with violent urgency, these comics are forceful reminders of some of the myriad ways in which postcolonial corruption, restrictive immigration policies, disease, poverty, and narrow-mindedness impinge on hopes and destroy lives.
Fanon, Roumain, Glissant himself, and many others could not and cannot mythologize in all tranquillity, declaring the autonomy of literature and its insubordination to historical contingence, financial constraints, cultural power and strategies, psychology and the other social sciences (see Frye 1990: xxii and 27-28 in particular).
As Lonergan puts it, God's unrestricted understanding "is the ground of value, and it is the ultimate cause of causes for it overcomes contingence at its deepest level.
Des plans de contingence sont inities, particulierement sur l'approvisionnement en eau et en energie, des sites de dialyse alternatifs, la livraison des soins medicaux, la logistique de transport des patients, etc.
The AWEs include the Task Force XXI AWE in March 1997, the Division AWE (DAWE), in November 1997, the Joint Contingence Force AWE in 200 0, the Division Capstone Exercise (DCX) I this past March at the National Training Center (NTC), and the November 2001 DCXII at Fort Hood, Texas.
Comment, en effet, comprendre l'appel au [much less than] courage de faire face a la contingence [much greater than] de Rorty autrement que comme une tentative d'eveil1er le courage emancipateur d'un individu entier et seul face a un monde qu'il souhaiterait depouille de toutes volontes d'objectivite, ici, du paternalisme etatique.
See Richard Rorty, Contingence, Irony, And Solidarity 198 (1989) (claiming that "we" of liberal humanism is "the `we' of the people who have been brought up to distrust ethnocentrism").
inserting irrationality, in its dual aspect of logical contingence and emotional turbulence, into rationality.
The aim of this test is to verify how much the differences in profitability due to the nature of the business portfolio owe to the contingence effect of exports.