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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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Successive American writers played instrumental role in arousing this sentiment of resentment because they adopted an attitude of asserting themselves as divinely assigned and continentally burdened with the responsibility of enlightening - or, more accurately, dragging along - their northern neighbours.
10) Continentally, Cecilia belongs to what Paul Schroeder Rodriguez describes as the "neobaroque" phase of New Latin American Cinema of the 1970s and 1980s: "El Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano se desarrollo en dos fases sucesivas aunque no exclusivas la una de la otra.
As noted by the author in a related context, "a subdivided Asia became globally integrated but continentally disintegrated" (p.
34) Russia and China have preferred to deploy their SSBs and SSBNs in a near-sea environment--the so-called bastion strategy, whereby nations with a continentally oriented naval strategy, lacking sufficient deep-sea control, seek to maximize the chances of operating an effective second-strike capability.
Washington and Hamilton were devoted to liberty, but believed that this could be best achieved if America thought continentally, moving beyond the parochial and developing more of an attachment to a traditional nation-state.
This center will strengthen the" Tamkeen "ecosystem and will be our ambassador internationally and the arm of our development regionally and why not continentally, [beaucoup plus grand que] he said.
Continentally, negative long-term trends of observed land surface wind speed dominate over 1979-2015, with a terrestrial global (excluding Australia) change of -0.
Since the reforms of the 1990s, however, this expeditionary culture is also apparently true of the historically continentally focused regiments that now share responsibility for overseas deployments and rotate through Africa alongside the former colonials and distinguished themselves in Operation Serval.
These are very different practices, a result of the lack of any standard regulations of CSR reporting globally, continentally or nationally.
Continentally, Ghana, as an active member of the African Union, has ratified and adopted a number of conventions and charters in line with continental cooperation and collaboration.
Continentally, periods in which the species experienced the most dramatic declines overlap with periods of wetland loss (Dunn and Agro 2009).
The 17-article law defines illegal immigration as "any action of an individual or group that leads to exiting or attempting to exit the country to any other place regionally, internationally or continentally, without authorisation or license from respective authorities.
The antiquity of tropical moist forests relative to drought-adapted formations implies that the continentally structured floristic patterns we have found are largely a result of isolated continental floras evolving independently to occupy a seasonally dry environmental niche, rather than the result of the same drought-adapted lineages dispersing across the globe to reach dry environments.
Continental Crucible" also illustrates the ways in which the capitalist classes in Canada, Mexico, and the United States used free-trade agreements to consolidate their agendas and organize themselves continentally.
If these matters can be sorted out soon, the World Cup can have an elaborate but calibrated qualifying round, first regionally and then continentally before the best converging for a final fling, say a year before the World Cup.