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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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This will entail supporting Government's initiatives and priorities with a special focus towards combating poverty in order to ensure development, peace and stability nationally, regionally and continentally.
From the beginning, these countries have represented different aspects of Europe's identity: Belgium, as an industrial country, continentally oriented, bilingual, and an intermediary with southern Europe; and the Netherlands with its strong agricultural and trading tradition and its Anglo-Saxon and Atlantic orientation.
CARMMA is an initiative of the African Union Commission to curb the continentally high pregnancy related deaths.
Continentally laid-back he may be, but when he embarked on his voyage of discovery to racing's headquarters, it was in the knowledge that the struggle would be greater than that which would face him at home, where uncles, brothers and cousins were all part of the racing scenery.
Lithuania will need to develop higher value-added market niches that will precisely call upon the Lithuanian capabilities to create an entrepreneurial economy that is integrated continentally and globally.
This planting will reforest a site that has been designed a continentally important Bird area by the American Bird Conservancy.
This Rivers, Manitoba, native, now living in Chicago, passed through several notable institutions of higher learning, from Manitoba's Brandon University to New York's Eastman College to Ohio's Oberlin, before making his initial marks on the North American operatic scene in the lyric Mozart/Rossini repertoire, with companies as continentally far-flung as Vancouver Opera (Taddeo in L'Italiana in Algeri) and New York City Opera (Figaro in Il barbiere di Swiglia).
With European qualification unlikely to come via league position, Liverpool could well be reliant on winning the Europa League if they are to compete continentally next season, but will need a sizeable improvement on last week's showing in north west Portugal.
Lorenz Moser III, inventor of the continentally used trellising system, the Lenz Moser Hocherziehung.
In doing so, Johnson, the 'Bad Nigger', continentally cursed and rabidly reviled by the Australian public and fight fans, effectively helped end the colour bar in American boxing, though not the discriminatory attitudes that underpinned this sport and sport in general.
Canada's upstream position in many continentally integrated value chains limits contact with ultimate end-customers--who are a strong source of motivation and direction for innovation--and shapes the nature of business ambition in many sectors.
Thirdly, Pan-Africanists must think continentally and act both continentally and regionally.
Garuba (15) defines the third generation writers as writers born after 1960 when most African countries, except Zimbabwe and South Africa, attained their independence from colonialism, and whose works have since been noted as "largely a phenomenon of isolated names and works, recognized continentally and sometimes internationally.
C3 is founded and composed of Architects and Project Managers with offices in most major centers of the country and with strategic associations continentally and internationally.
In-depth profiles are also presented for continentally based major players GENCO, Jacobson, Kenco, Kerry, Mainfreight, Norbert Dentressangle, OHL, Toll, Werner and others.