continental slope

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the steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf to the abyssal zone

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b) In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the foot of the continental slope shall be determined as the point of maximum change in the gradient at its base.
Of these, 26 were from the Gulf of Maine, one was from deep water (500 m) on the continental slope south of Georges Bank near Munsen Canyon, and one was from the continental shelf south of Narragansett Bay.
Once demarcated, the ocean floor may then be claimed up to 60 nautical miles (111 km) from the bottom of the continental slope.
The distribution of living benthic foraminifera on the continental slope and rise off southwest Norway.
However, only older and larger fish were caught on the seamounts, suggesting that the seamount populations are maintained by the migration of mature fish from the continental slope rather than by local recruitment.
It includes areas such as the Santa Rosa Plateau and the continental slope south of the northern Channel Islands.
The MMS official warned that longer pipelines in deeper waters off the continental shelf and down the continental slope could encounter geologic hazards.
The SL-5-11 offshore block, covering 4,022 square kilometers, is located offshore the Republic of Sierra Leone on the shelf and continental slope of the Atlantic Ocean.
Award: Biennial bottom trawl surveys of alaskan groundfish in the gulf of alaska, continental slope of the eastern bering sea, and midwater and pelagic surveys of the northeastern bering sea
However, this view was recently called into question by two oceanographers from Iceland who discovered a deep current flowing southward along the continental slope of Iceland.
As a result, concerted efforts by various groups are underway to understand the risk these offshore phenomena represent to society; these groups include the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the US National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, the European Continental Slope Stability (COSTA) Program and associated Canadian CanCOSTA program, and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) International Geological Correlation Program (IGCP) Project 511 on Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences (Mosher et al.
It noted that "[c]ritical to the Russian submission relating to the Arctic Ocean [were] the positions of the 2,500 meter isobath and the foot of the continental slope.
The Rio Grande Cone progradational layering produce continuous offlap, evidencing features like the continental slope, the Marginal Cone, Progradational systems, and the upper interval that constitute recent continental Shelf (Urien et al.
Data were mainly collected from dedicated surveys with hired commercial longline vessels within a limited area of the continental slope between northern Norway and Bear Island (the central study area, Fig.
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