continental quilt

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a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

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Thankfully, the Mike Allen-produced The Continental Quilt has all the ingredients to make a hugely successful farce.
The Continental Quilt is billed as "sexy, fast and fun" and the fast- paced farce is already proving a major hit.
Bawdy humour, well- crafted characters and plenty of comings and goings are the backbone of any farce and The Continental Quilt has all three.
Now married to Amanda Holden, he admitted his first marriage didn't start off well after he tried to get into a continental quilt rather than under it.
The Continental Quilt, Enville Street Methodist Church Dramatic Society, Church Hall, West Street, Stourbridge (to Saturday).
The Continental Quilt, Rugby Theatre (to Saturday).
No more tangled bed sheets and blankets to straighten out and tuck neatly into place each morning, we all thought gleefully; just a quick ruffle of the continental quilt and the bed was made.
Jimmy had some fluff in his belly button this morning - it was a continental quilt.
Continental Quilt, Circle Players, Aldridge Youth Theatre (to Saturday).