continental divide

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the watershed of a continent (especially the watershed of North America formed by a series of mountain ridges extending from Alaska to Mexico)

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We would especially like to congratulate the Continental Divide Sports team for extending our core values and continuing to strive for excellence.
While the "improvements" will likely lessen traffic accidents, they will also be devastating for wildlife in the area: Animals will have to cross 93 to reach the promised Northern Continental Divide.
Kevin and his crew felt that he had given a 100 percent effort to reach that point past the Continental Divide, and in view of the circumstances, they agreed to withdraw for medical reasons,'' according to a race update provided by NASA Dryden.
The red dotted line on the map represents the Continental Divide.
Montana and Idaho's Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide, by Lynna Howard, and Wyoming's Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide, by Lora Davis.
Then, in 1979, along the Continental Divide south of Pagosa Springs, an "extinct" Colorado grizzly was surprised on its day bed by a bowhunter named Ed Wiseman.
The first step was to convince Costa Pica to set aside 423 square miles of land, stretching from the ocean to beyond the Continental Divide, as a reserve so large and varied that native species could migrate, survive, and evolve.
The setting for the experiment was a mountainous region between the crest of California's Sierra Nevada and the Continental Divide, which winds through Colorado and other western states.
All of our markets today are essentially west of the Continental Divide, and that's going to be changing dramatically," Nance said.
America's Three Classic Long-Distance Hiking Trails Inspire Trail Mix Line -- Appalachian Trail Mix, High Sierra Blend and Continental Divide Blend -- and Aid in Preservation of National Outdoor Treasures --
His reason: Americans' relentless assault on his continental divide, often in collusion with the British they were shipping supplies to.
The overall winning team will not only do its side of the ideological continental divide proud, but the series will show whether people with deep ideological differences can ever stand each other.
From the porch of her two-room, wooden biological station perched on the shoulder of an idle volcano, GarCia has an astounding view - literally from the continental divide to the Pacific Ocean.
Deerlodge Forest in southwestern Montana straddles the Continental Divide.
The Summit County home was built to make the most of the surrounding views, which also include the Continental Divide, Peaks 1-5 of the 10-Mile range from Frisco to Breckenridge, Keystone Mountain and Golf Course, and Buffalo Mountain, according to Craig King, president of J.
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