continental divide

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the watershed of a continent (especially the watershed of North America formed by a series of mountain ridges extending from Alaska to Mexico)

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However, the distance from the Amazon's mouth to the continental divide near the challenger is shorter, and the water doesn't flow year-round in the contender's upper reaches.
Segment II travels from Copper Mountain to Garfield, across the Continental Divide and affords us the opportunity to climb Mt.
In addition, Mark Muggleton and the Continental Divide Sports group provide great representation at Sportsman's Warehouse.
Park attendants advise that if visitors intend to stop at the highly popular Logan Pass Visitor Center, where the Going-to-the-Sun Road crosses the Continental Divide at 6,646 feet, and do any hiking or sightseeing, they must get there early -- by 8 a.
most of the Continental Divide runs through the Rocky Mountains.
There is a significant tradition and a current groundswell--dissenting American poets caused cancellation of a White House tea party, dramatists staged works from Lysistrata to Continental Divide, and in an ironic twist, musicians from Ireland came to New York to raise funds for Not in Our Name, an American anti-war/anti-violence activist group.
Oh, and you'll also cross the Continental Divide, which some find noteworthy.
Trouble is, Ravalli County is also the fastest-growing region in the state, where road-building and sprawl are threatening "the least-cost route for grizzlies to the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem" according to biologist Lance Craighead of the Craighead Environmental Research Institute.
Last November, in an early El Nino phenomenon linked to a splitting of the jetstream over the Rockies, a massive low-pressure system spun off 120- to 150-mile-per-hour winds that traveled east to west along the Continental Divide, knocking down trees like match-sticks.
Dunkle --who support a slow, natural migration of wolves down the Continental Divide from Canada and Glacier Park in northwestern Montana.
The map shows provincial boundaries and the continental divide.
Kevin and his crew felt that he had given a 100 percent effort to reach that point past the Continental Divide, and in view of the circumstances, they agreed to withdraw for medical reasons,'' according to a race update provided by NASA Dryden.
The red dotted line on the map represents the Continental Divide.
Montana and Idaho's Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide, by Lynna Howard, and Wyoming's Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide, by Lora Davis.
Then, in 1979, along the Continental Divide south of Pagosa Springs, an "extinct" Colorado grizzly was surprised on its day bed by a bowhunter named Ed Wiseman.
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