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being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe

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1% revenue spike despite a fourth-quarter net loss of $26 million, Continental Airlines reported 2006 net income of $343 million, a strong turnaround from a 2005 loss of $68 million, as full-year revenue jumped 17.
Continental argued revenue procedure 96-64 was invalid because the tax treatment of the expenses had been computed without regard to their actual nature.
Continental now serves 21 cities in Mexico, second only to Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, which serves 23 cities thanks to its code-share agreement with AeroMexico.
The oldest known continental rocks date back to almost 4.
Although the talks were instigated by Continental, Delta may see a deal as a way to expand its international route network.
The Seventh Circuit denied FTCs on net loans when Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co.
Continental Airlines was the first commercial airline to test the technology following the United States Air Force's success with PreKote.
The recent merger talks between UAL, parent of United Airlines, and Continental Airlines could further jump-start the process and spur any laggards into the game.
None of this comes cheaply - anywhere from under $1 million a year for Delta, United and the two Canadian carriers, to a break-the-bank $2 million plus annually for Continental.
Paul Tapponnier of the University of Paris and several colleagues have long argued in favor of a process called continental escape, maintaining that India's ongoing push into Asia forces Tibet and other areas to slide to the east and out of India's path, like a watermelon seed squeezed between two fingers.
The integration of Continental Airlines' cargo system and CPS went smoothly and freight forwarders around the world are now able to take advantage of Continental's extensive route network when booking shipments.
Continental Airlines' load factor rose 2 percentage points from a year ago to 79.
Over the last several years, however, many scientists have come to think that the plates under cratons--the oldest continental cores, which have remained undeformed for more than a billion years--are much thicker than 100 km and may indeed have temperature and chemical profiles that differ from plates under oceans.
aspx for a complete listing of participating resorts and destinations, as well as information on other value-added Continental Airlines Vacations promotions.
Amadeus, Continental extend deal delaying fees to agencies: Amadeus and Continental have extended their current content agreement, which was scheduled to end next week.
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